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trend alert: spring 2021 Edition

Try Lookin' Goodr

What: Goodrs, sunglasses made for outdoor athletics

Benefits: These sunnies not only keep your eyes (and oh so sensitive surrounding skin) safe from UV rays, they are also built to withstand outdoor athletic endeavors whether you're biking, running, hiking or walking. These bad boys stay in place even when you're at your sweatiest (most beautiful)!

Cost: $25 at RISE

Why we love these for our RISERs: They are not only practical, but also fashion forward in design and have many color choices - neutral to vibrant!

How Does Your Garden Grow?

What: This spring, RISE yoga instructor Danielle Bollman is busy planning her family garden and discussing with her family about what they want to plant this year. Instead of just planting random healthy veggies (that's good too), Danielle, is planning her plants with recipes in mind. "Maybe a salsa garden with tomatoes, jalapeño, onion, cilantro, garlic," she suggests.

Benefits: The fresher, the better. Not only can gardening provide you with your favorite vegetables in your own backyard, for many it's a cathartic, rewarding hobby. Cost: The minimal cost of seeds or plants plus a little water and elbow grease. Why we love these for our RISERs: Bust out your beloved RISE Challenge recipes and think of all the vegetables you could grow yourself. Six servings of veggies a day, here we come!

Keep It Local with Farm Fresh Foods

What: Lacking a green thumb or garden space? A CSA, community-supported agriculture, pairs you with a local farm to get a box of fresh fruits, vegetables or both delivered to a drop point in your town.

Benefits: Your vegetables are delivered fresh from a local farm. Your health and waistline thank you in advance! Plus, you'll be supporting a local farm and the environment in the meantime. "Rustic Road Farm was the highlight of summer 2020 for us," says Katie LaDow, RISE Cycle instructor. "Each week we looked forward to the surprise of what we would receive. They have several pick-up options. You can go to the farm or pick up at the Wheaton French Market. We chose to pick up from the farm each Wednesday, which my kids loved. You not only pick up your veggies, but goats and chickens are roaming around the farm and sometimes the farmer gives you leftover veggies to feed them. We already signed up for this summer. After experiencing Rustic Road tomatoes, I'll never eat a store-bought tomato again."

Cost: About $40-50 per week depending on the share

Why we love these for our RISERs: CSAs like Rustic Road and Angelic Organics offer the ability to buy different amounts of produce and different types of boxes (fruit or veggie). And as RISERs do well, you can team up with a friend and purchase together!

Take a Chill ... Tea

What: Chill the F* Out Tea by is a plant-based, anti-inflammatory blend that promotes relaxation.

Benefits: "Pandemic living brought a lot of us a nightly wine routine that we had to ditch," says Katelyn Kaese, RISE owner and instructor. "I found this awesome herbal mix called Chill the F* Out and gave it a shot. It’s a mix of natural supplements that truly help you relax. You get this lovely release of tension and inflammation that eases you out of the stress of your day. It’s been a nightly ritual that I use when I need it and always sleep so much better!"

Cost: Grab a sample 8 pack of Apothekary teas for only $16.15 and see what works for you!

Why we love these for our RISERs: Take the quiz on and get matched with the unique fix to your needs. From stress to sleep to skin solutions, these healthy alternatives will do your body and mind good.


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