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Just TRY.

Training is trying - every. single. time. I firmly believe that anyone at any level can find a feeling of confidence just by coming to class and giving it the best they can on that day. Feeling good is the goal (but looking good is an awesome side effect of that!) Rise is not about competition, it's about a community working towards a common goal of feeling good inside and out! 


- Katelyn Kaese

RISE is a fitness and cycle studio located in the heart of downtown Glen Ellyn that celebrates inspiration, energy and good health.


At RISE, we aim to provide a fun, welcoming and judgment-free group fitness experience that will tone your core muscles, burn calories and increase your cardiovascular strength– all while connecting you with others in an encouraging community environment.


Our high-energy team of instructors guides a wide variety of classes — from BARRE to cardio dance to kettlebell to CYCLE. So whether you want a targeted strength workout, or just to stretch and relax, we have something for you. And if you're a beginner, have any injuries, or any concerns, just let us know, and we'll customize your workout.


We're not your typical exercise studio. Come to RISE to make friends and yourself healthier.


Our mission at RISE is to:

Create a fun and inspiring workout environment that produces results and promotes confidence;

Recognize and celebrate our clients' success in achieving their fitness goals; and

Purposefully foster meaningful relationships and connections between our customers and our local community to drive sustainability and loyalty.



Visit our retail area in the front of the studio for all your workout needs. We have yoga mats, activewear, candles, water bottles, and our own line of RISE gear.  Our retail is always changing, so come in and check out our latest clothes and and accessories!  Here's a few of the many lines we carry:

And RISE is thrilled to announce our new retail addition!


OUR community

We are passionate about building a strong community at RISE and are proud to have grown into the large family we are today.  One of our biggest goals is to provide a fun, inspiring, and encouraging environment that fosters relationships both in and outside the studio, and helps you to live your healthiest life.  


Check us on social media at #risefitness, #risecycle, and #riseglenellyn to see what makes our community so special!

Our kid's room

Bring your kids while you get your workout in at our RISE Kid’s Room, available Monday-Friday during our mainstream class times. We have different toys, games, and arts and crafts to keep your child happy and entertained while you take some important time for yourself.

Each child is $3 per session or you can purchase a 10-pack for $27. Click here to sign-up and pay now.

Please sign-up in advance as we limit the number of children for health and safety reasons.