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Our wide variety of classes are coached by the high-energy team of Rise instructors who bring their individual passions of fitness to their unique classes. Growth and change are constant at Rise and no matter which class you choose, we hope you find that there is a way for everyone to RISE in their fitness.

Get out the gliders and bands and get ready to make some mind-to-muscle connections, sculpting your arms, abs and a** through the 60-minute workout. While slower paced, AAA will have you swimsuit ready all year long. 

Bands and Bodyweight

In Bands and Bodyweight, you'll learn that you don't need heavy weights to experience a big burn. In this all body weight and bands (and Balas!) workout will strengthen, stretch and tone.

Build long, lean muscles by first burning out your large muscle groups and getting to those harder to reach, less used muscle groups. This moving meditation will have your legs, arms and abs shaking, giving you the after burn to keep crushing calories throughout the day. Try one barre class and you won't question why it's the choice of athletes everywhere.

barre burn bike

Burn out your legs in a 30-minute cycle class and then hit the barre! Your legs will thank you for this low impact cardio/strength combo

bike bootcamp

The best of both worlds - 20 minutes of cardio on the bike followed by 25 minutes of strength on the floor! You’ll leave feeling sweaty and strong, undoubtedly wanting more

This 60-minute HIIT class combines weight sets and cardio bursts to give you a full-body burn. Each week, you'll burn out specific muscle groups, building strength and busting through calories.


Get in your cardio with a combination of shadow boxing, kickboxing and hitting the heavy bag. Add in heavy weight intervals and an ab burnout, cardio kickboxing gives the highest of calorie burns and keeps you amped all day long.

Eight strength moves. Four cardio bursts. 3 rounds to get it done!This super-calorie burner is a full-body workout with new moves every week to keep your muscles and mind asking for more. 

Get it done in 45 minutes in this fast-paced cycle class that is sure to get your heart pounding and legs burning. From intervals and tabatas to hills, sprints and jumps, Cycle 45 is a full-body cardio workout with the beats to move you through the entire class.

In 60 minutes on the bike you’re in for an endurance cycle class that is sure to get your heart pounding and legs burning. From intervals and tabatas to hills, sprints and jumps, often featuring weights on the bike, Cycle 60 is a full-body cardio workout with the beats to move you through the entire class. 

heavy bag boxing

Grab your gloves and release your stress on the bag! In this 45-minute class, you'll learn 10 boxing combos on the bag followed by a cardio boxing burst. Repeat three times and you'll find your strength in and out of the "ring". 

hiit pilates

HIIT Pilates brings you classic Pilates amped up! Get all the core benefits of Pilates with the addition of cardio for a long, lean and toned figure and an extra burn.

indoor bootcamp

With a format that varies week to week, strength and cardio combine for an ultimate workout in bootcamp. You'll use weights, body weight, cardio bursts and more for a nonstop 60-minute class. 


Break out the bells! From swings and presses to squats and lunges, kettlebell will build your strength and cardio at the same time. Keep those abs engaged for a full-body burn.

Challenge your strength and focus on building your muscle tone in Lifted. This class combines lower and upper body strength moves to lift you up to your next level.

In Met Con (metabolic conditioning) you'll combine anaerobic and aerobic exercises to keep exerting yourself over 60 minutes for a huge burn of cardio and strength. 


From running sprints on the track and field or to tackling hills and stair climbs, you'll get pushed by your peers to keep moving in Outdoor Bootcamp. And when you think you've pushed to your max, you'll keep going with body weight and strength moves to get it done.


Join us in a vigorous and challenging Vinyasa power yoga class that focuses on strength and breath. We will meet on the mat wherever you are and you will leave feeling lighter and stronger.

strength and

Strength and Endurance is the perfect balance of aerobic and anaerobic challenges, alternating heavy weights and cardio for a 60-minute sweat session. 

yoga sculpt

Get all the benefits of yoga (stretch and strengthen, breath and meditate!) with the addition of weights and cardio.

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