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Riser of the Month December 2023

Caitlin Massa has always been active, finding an early love for both sports and fitness. “Growing up I played travel soccer and then played at the University of Dayton,” she says.

Into adulthood, Caitlin realized working out was the outlet she needed to not only feel good physically but also to boost her mood and energy, whether its classes at RISE, playing tennis and paddle or going for a run. “I found RISE in 2020 when the world shut down,” says Caitlin. “I was doing some virtual classes, but I missed working out with people. I was so thankful that RISE was offering in-person options. Many of my friends had been working out there and they told me how great the classes were. I was hooked right away!”

Loving the RISE community, Caitlin kept coming back to RISE. “The group of people who workout at RISE are so motivating and the energy that radiates the space is awesome! The instructors are amazing and so talented. I love the variety of classes that RISE offers.”

Caitlin’s constant effort in class and dedication to wellness motivates every RISER around her as well. We’re so happy to have her as our RISER of the Month!

Not only is Caitlin as all-star while taking class as a RISER but she’ll be joining RISE as an instructor in the New Year. Go get it, Caitlin! We are so happy to get to keep RISING to new heights with you!

Read on to learn more about Caitlin’s journey to becoming an instructor:

When did you decide you wanted to start teaching classes?

I have always loved being active and working out and after both of my girls were in school full time it made sense to explore being an instructor in the community that I love. I get to workout with friends and now teach with friends!


How do you hope to impact Risers as an instructor?

I hope to bring a positive light while I teach while having a great sweat and some fun!


What is your overall wellness mantra? 

Try to move every day, whether it's stretching or going for a walk. It will always feel good, and your body will appreciate it!


What are your short and long-term workout/wellness goals?

Short-term is to look at the week ahead and plan out the days that I am going to work out and also try to meal prep as much as I can on Sundays. I find that when I prioritize working out in my schedule and have a sense of what I am going to feed my family, I feel better, my mood is better and the rest of the week goes more smoothly. My long-term plan is to stay active and take time to stretch. I have found that in the last year or so my body needs a little extra recovery time. 


What Rise class gets you feeling the most mentally and physically amped?

I love Allison’s Met-Con class and Trish's Strength and Endurance class. In the last year I have taken more strength classes and the purposeful movement and heavier weights are a new challenge for me. I have noticed that my core strength has improved and I feel so much stronger. 


What’s your biggest challenge in getting to class, and how do you combat that challenge?

Grab a group of friends and choose classes that you'll go to together! It’s a great way to hold yourself and each other accountable!


How do you integrate nutrition into your life each day?

I try to incorporate a well-balanced diet with lots of water- but treat yourself! Everything in moderation! Don't beat yourself up if you have a "bad food" day, just start fresh the next day.


What’s your best tip to find balance between nutrition, fitness and life’s fun? 

Set your workout plan on Sunday, load up on proteins and veggies - those are the foods that keep you feeling full longer. Surround yourself with people who make you smile and feel good!



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