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Whether you are a first-time participant or a Challenge veteran, RISE CHALLENGE is synonymous with CHANGE! Several times a year RISERS come together to challenge ourselves to RISE in our wellness. In addition to fitness, we focus on nutrition, accountability and competition, all with an energizing community of support.


Our wellness framework offers education and encouragement to help you develop sustainable habits that work for life. No fads, no trends, no diets. Challengers will be guided step-by-step in the process, making it attainable for all who take on the Challenge. Each week will bring a different nutritional challenge, fitness challenge and weekly meeting to support and educate various aspects of overall wellness. Community partners offer their services and local experts regularly consult in the wellness journey of Rise Challengers, making each Challenge unique and different. 


Pricing varies for each Rise Challenge and additional add-on pricing is available to support your fitness goals. Watch our social media and newsletters for more info about the next opportunity to RISE in wellness!


Read more from previous Rise Challengers about why they Challenge. 



Read more about how these recent Rise Challengers took control of their health and wellness.

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