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RISING All Summer Long

While summer is in full swing with summer camps, baseball and soccer games, pool dates and summer barbeques and parties galore, there's no better time to RISE! When life gets a little hectic, there's no better time to get back to what you know and give your body and mind the movement it craves.

So if you can find an hour in your day, Rise has your back. Check out the summer schedule on the Rise MindBody app and start booking your classes today. Here are the ways you can reward yourself by rising with us all summer long:

In-Studio Classes

Whether you want to join us at our new studio in Wheaton (124 N. Main St., Ste. C) or in the cycle studio in Glen Ellyn (505 Pennsylvania Ave.), our summer schedule has all your favorite Rise classes and new additions. From HIIT classes like Power Circuits, Burnout, Bootcamp and Boxing to low-impact burns like Barre, Yoga and AAA, it's easy to find the best workout for you! For a full list of classes and descriptions, visit:

Live Zoom

We know many busy Risers love the ease of Zooming while home and away. With our move to Wheaton, we've invested in technology to make your Zooming experience feel like you're right in the studio with your favorite Rise instructor and team! Sign up for your favorite Rise studio or cycle class on the MindBody app, receive your link and log into class.

Rise Replay

Can't make it to class at the scheduled time? No problem! Every time you sign up for a virtual Rise class, you'll also receive a Rise Replay link after the class ends. This way you can access your favorite workout anytime - during or after class.


One of the best ways to stay engaged in your fitness during summer is to take an opportunity to try a new class and switch up your routine! We've made that easy for you with new additions and time changes on the schedule:

Monday (Wheaton): 7:30am Barre with Lauren

Monday (Glen Ellyn): 9:15am Cycle with Katelyn

Tuesday (Glen Ellyn): 5:15am Bike to Bands with Rachel, 9:15am 30/30 Strength/Cycle with Trish

Tuesday (Wheaton): 10:30am Barre with Sue, 6:30pm Strength & HIIT with Katie

Wednesday (Wheaton): 7:30am Boxing with Rachel

Thursday (Glen Ellyn): 6:30am Cycle with Katie, 9:15am Cycle with Emily

Friday (Wheaton): 10:30am Power Yoga with PD

Saturday (Wheaton): 7:00am Yoga Sculpt with Danielle

Sunday (Wheaton): 7:30am Outdoor Total Body Fit with Katie

And last but not least, catch our favorite seasonal class Outdoor Bootcamp with Carin on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 5:30 at Glenbard West!

We can't wait to see how YOU choose to Rise!

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