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"Never in a million years did I think group fitness was for me. But as my metabolism slowed and the dadbod took over, my old workouts weren't getting the job done anymore. RISE jump-started my fitness routine and gave me the nutrition knowledge that has me feeling far better today than when I started."

Tell us what motivates you? This could be related to workouts or life.

I never want to end a workout feeling like I could've given more effort.

What are your short-term and long-term workout goals?

Short term: break a sweat at least four times a week.

Long term: not get bored doing the above!

Aside from class format and schedules specifically, what do you like about RISE?

I truly believe that the RISE community is all about improving - rather than proving - which encourages bonding that I haven't experienced since my high school sports days. Try finding that at another gym.

What impact has exercise had on your lifestyle?

No exaggeration that I have much more enthusiasm and focus during the workday. The after-lunch drowsiness has all but disappeared too.

What’s your biggest challenge in getting to class?

Finding a good parking spot.

What do you like to do with your spare time?

Gardening, taking my kids hiking or biking, washing my sweaty RISE workout clothes.

What’s your favorite junk food?

Any cracker with port wine cheese! But during the RISEOLUTION challenge, I sneak spoonfuls of Hershey's chocolate sauce on my cheat days.

What’s your favorite healthy food?

Spaghetti squash

Any tips on your favorite recipe, healthy living, grocery or wellness apps or websites you couldn’t live without?

Claudia (my lovely wife) and I have made green juices and smoothies religiously since our first challenge.

What is your favorite vacation/trip? Where do you want to go?

Jamaica with the family was awesome. When my kids get a little older, I want to take them hiking in Colorado.

Any tips you’d like to offer someone who is on the fence and needs that extra nudge to start a workout routine?

Do not be afraid or embarrassed to fail. The first few classes will leave you exhausted - but the instructors will give you that perfect combination of instruction and support to stay positive.

Anything you’d like to add?

RISE is more than a workout. It's a community that through fitness, nutrition, laughter and sweat will give you energy that you deserve. It really is Glen Ellyn's fountain of youth!


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