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“I love getting to know other women in an environment where we are getting healthy and fit together but also laughing along the way. Seriously, where else does that exist?” -Nicole Savarese

Last summer I left my yearly oncology visit with a clean bill of health but with a prescription for something that was going to help me ‘take the edge off'. I knew it was time to find what my mind and body craved most and remarkably I found it right here in Glen Ellyn.

I’ve had four children in 5.5 years. I slowly gave up on the gym scene. Options were limited where childcare was available so I resorted to at-home workouts. As time passed, this became a very lonely scene and it started to bring me down. At about the same time, RISE was offering a 101-level class. The timing was right, childcare was provided and even more enticing, I knew the women and their children who would be taking care of my family. No excuses. I can honestly say I was HOOKED immediately.

I love the vibe of the studio. It’s an energetic, positive, friendly and motivating environment. The instructors are knowledgeable and make each and every person feel comfortable. I’ve made more friends in one year at RISE than my entire time in Glen Ellyn.

I love that RISE offers a variety of class formats. I’m able to make impromptu workout decisions based on my mood for the day. If I want to let my legs do the work, I head to a Cycle class. I love Fusion for the cardio/ weight mix that is always coordinated to the latest dance music. When I need a calming stretch, I go to Yoga Sculpt. By mid-week, my mind and body are ready for some intensity so I take on Kettle Bell. I usually like to wrap up the week with a Triple Threat class –knowing the after effects will carry me through the weekend if my family commitments won’t allow for a workout. RISE has helped me get back to the place I love. The mind-body connection I’ve experienced is amazing. Whether your goal is to plank an extended amount of time, lose weight or be more flexible, the upside mentally, physically and emotionally throughout the journey is just as valuable.

RISE was the exact dose of what I needed the day I left my oncologist. This December I will be 20 years Hodgkins Lymphoma cancer-free. I am grateful to RISE for creating an environment that consistently provides the exact dose of what I need daily to be stronger and have the mindset I desire when that day arrives.


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