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Meet Our September RISER of the Month: Stacy Short

In the spring of 2016, Stacy Short found RISE when she decided to participate in a “much-needed” Challenge. Joined by her husband and friends that are like family to her, Stacy hasn’t looked back, now an avid RISER and Challenger.

“The people and instructors at RISE all encourage me to be the best version of myself each day,” she says. “They give me the grace to not look back on the bad days, the skipped classes or the ones I attended while still half asleep. I look forward to seeing my fellow RISERs that I know take encouragement from me just as much as I do them.”

In addition to her fellow RISERs, the RISE instructors keep Stacy motivated each day. “It’s that feeling when Carin asks if I feel like a sweaty million bucks, Katelyn's music and quirky quotes and Rachel's reminders to show up for myself as well as my new RISE Accountability Group,” she says.

Stacy also shared her corporate world talents with us earlier this year, using her commercial real estate expertise to support and guide RISE behind the scenes through our recent move and changes. Her willingness to give everything she can, in whatever way she can, to aide in the success of others is the epitome of a RISER.

Stacy, we love that you show up for us each and every day at RISE! We can’t wait to keep motivating each other in the studio and at cycle and in all the ups and downs and changes of life. Congratulations on being named RISER of the Month. Read on to hear more about Stacy’s love for RISE and goals.

What are your short and long-term workout goals?

I recently started a new job in May and was allowed a few months of downtime after a sort of rough end to my last job. While I was out of work earlier this year I pretty much let things slide...I am working to get back to my better self in the short term but making it a long term goal to not allow life changes to get in the way of doing what's best for me.

What specifically, other than format or schedule, do you like about RISE?

RISE is a place that I can go and always feel like I'm at home. It isn't the physical space, it really is the people. I feel that these women and men that I've come to know so well through classes, Challenges, attempting RISE Run Club, etc., are all aware that we each have different struggles and goals. There is true joy in seeing each other succeed, celebrate achieving goals, pick each other up when we are down and also be there when the worst and the best things happen. There is so much more to RISE than just what happens in a class, even if it's a hug or a pat on the back from your neighbor in class.

What RISE class gets you feeling the most mentally and physically amped?

Hard question but I never feel stronger or prouder of myself than finishing a kettlebell class!

What’s your athletic background?

I grew up figure skating competitively, which required very early morning practices, and thus my continued ability to love early AM classes. Otherwise, I do not really think of myself as an athlete, but I know I can kick my husband's butt in a Sunday morning kettlebell class and even (sometimes) outdrive my friends on the golf course all thanks to RISE.

What’s your biggest challenge in getting to class, and how do you combat that challenge?

My own silly excuses which are usually lack of sleep or my husband needing to get to work early so I can't make it to class. I combat this by telling myself that I will feel more awake and be able to take on the day if I get my butt there as well as compromising my schedule with his by taking class via zoom or moving to an earlier class.

What’s your best healthy living tip?

When I'm well prepared and have a plan in place for my day or week I will feel my best and those around me will also want to do the same.


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