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inspiring us: HOW Fellow RISER Vince Fischer Brings His “Can Do” Attitude Every Day

Looking for some extra inspiration as you RISE into the New Year? If you haven't noticed fellow RISER Vince Fischer in bootcamp or cycle, it's time to take notice, just as Allison Kile, publisher of Glen Ellyn Living did. Read on to get Allison's take on Vince and get inspired to do all you can each and every day like Vince.

by Allison Kile

As 82-year-old Vince Fischer watched a group of people at Newton Park gather for an exercise class outside of his window at Brookdale Senior Living, he was intrigued. Even from his far away view he could tell everyone seemed energetic and supportive as they climbed the hill and sprinted the turf. Never into athletics but always a hard worker and ever the inquisitive person, he headed out to see what was going on close up.

As Vince approached, RISE instructor Carin Fanter's first thought was that he was coming over to complain about the noise during those early morning workouts at the Park. But, she quickly learned that was not the case. “Vince came out and told us how impressed he was with our group," says Carin. "I took one look at him and thought, 'You belong out here with us'!"

After a little convincing, Carin got Vince to join in on the fun at Outdoor Bootcamp. That fateful day in September 2020 was just the beginning of what has become a true gift not only to Vince, but to the entire community at RISE. Vince now comes to RISE twice a week for an Indoor Bootcamp class on Tuesdays and a Cycle class on Saturdays. He proclaims it's the highlight of his week! And after class, and on his days off, Vince still commits to a 3-mile walk, rain or shine, in the snow or during a mid-summer heat wave.

When asked what he enjoys most about working out at RISE, Vince's answer came easy. “It’s the people," he says. "They are all so supportive, despite the fact that Carin has to pick me off of the floor sometimes. You can go anywhere and get on a machine, but you can’t get the personal attention and extensive workout anywhere but here. The instructors are amazing.”

Vince brings so much to these workouts, beyond just breaking a sweat with the group and holiday jingle bells tied onto his laces. He brings healthy goodies to share (Vince loves to cook and bake), a nightly joke (sometimes too cheeky for the little ones), and a genuine CAN DO attitude. “When he came walking out on that field, I had a feeling he needed us, but what I didn’t know is how much we needed him, ” Carin says, choking up a little.

On a final note, Vince confidently states, “I feel better walking out of Rise than when I walked in….EVERY TIME.”

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