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Find Your Best You in 2023

Have you been feeling all the stress, good and bad, the holiday parties and (ugh) the viruses this fall and winter? If you have like all of us, we know it's time to prioritize our health and wellness.

Luckily, it’s RISEolution 2023 Challenge time! It’s time to listen to those reminders, and make sure were nourishing our bodies, hearts and minds.

For veterans of the 8-week RISEolution Challenge, we’ll see many familiar keys in place. Together we’ll focus on eliminating nutrient-poor and highly processed foods from our kitchens and replacing them with better, sustainable choices moving forward. After all, we believe in wellness as a lifestyle and know that you can too.

New Challengers will also be guided step-by-step in the process, making it attainable for all who take on the Challenge. Each week will bring a different nutritional challenge, fitness challenge and weekly meeting to support and educate overall wellness. “We’ve turned to our community partners and local wellness leaders to provide new and engaging perspectives in your wellness journey, and we guarantee there is something for everyone – from new, enticing recipes to Challenge-only classes,” says Katelyn Kaese, owner/instructor.

This year, RISE has an amazing new offering for community members who are not yet RISE monthly members. You can now choose to Challenge with us and have 8 weeks of unlimited RISE for $499, giving Challengers the opportunity to discover the classes and class schedule that works best for their lives and truly make it part of their routine. “This offer is designed to help Challengers fully immerse themselves in the Challenge and in RISE,” says Katelyn.

For RISER and recent Challenger Tayler Stogsdill the Challenge was all about accountability. “It was so nice to be held accountable, not only to your team but yourself,” says Tayler. “I was accountable to having healthier eating habits and attending my RISE classes.”

And for Tayler and her team, that accountability is now a part of daily life. “Whether it’s planning our classes for the week or hitting the trails for a run together,” she says.

Ready to invest in yourself? Click link to sign up - be sure to click the "x" first and open your Mindbody account.

Important Dates

Start date: Sunday, January 8th End date: Saturday, March 4th Last day to sign up: Tuesday January 3rd Kickoff meeting: Thursday January 5th Pricing

10 pack + Challenge - $349 8 weeks unlimited RISE + Challenge - $499 Challenge Only - $199 Spouse Add On - $69

P.S. Don’t forget! With an annual RISE membership in 2023, there are so many members-only perks only you can access. These include 1 free late cancel per month, 15% off retail including Lululemon, access to members-only special event, guest passes and a members-only birthday present.


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