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enriching her life through rise

Although Laurie Lucas has known about RISE since it opened and thought several times about joining, she had always been comfortable with the routine and relationships she had at another gym. But, with a sudden need to Zoom her workouts during the COVID-19 pandemic, she found just what she needed with RISE's classes offerings via Zoom. "I also just completed the recent Challenge, and loved it," she says.

Today, its the community Lucas has quickly felt a part of at RISE that keeps her coming back. "All the instructors are so motivating and inspiring," she says. "I love the workouts and also how they connect with what's going on in our heads. It's so positive! While Laurie has been dedicated to other gyms over the years, she says the supportive community and instructor expertise at RISE stands out. "The instructors are The BEST, I love the variety and times for classes (I'm an early workout gal)," she says. "And, that classes are available on Zoom, which feels like you're in the same room together. I'm sure it's more challenging for the instructors with so many of us on Zoom, but they do a great job keeping everyone engaged."

Read on to see why else Laurie chooses RISE. What are your wellness or fitness goals, and where is RISE's place in helping you get there?

My goals are to stay strong and healthy mentally and physically. I would never push myself the way the RISE instructors do. What achievements has RISE helped you reach thus far?

I've certainly gotten stronger physically. Mentally I've been able to navigate these crazy times with the pandemic along with a very demanding work and family schedule too. I've also gotten much more mindful about my diet thanks to the Challenge. And, I've gotten to know more people in Glen Ellyn. RISE has enriched my life all the way around. Outside of the classes, are there any other more intangible benefits you find at RISE?

I certainly feel the connection to the RISE community. I really appreciate the positive energy and mindset from the instructors and community. Oftentimes during challenging parts of the day I'll think about something one of the instructors has said in class and that just helps to take a deep breath and reset my mind. Carin has said that "life is lived between our ears," and it's so true--our minds play such a critical role in how we feel.

Lastly, what would you tell a friend or community member considering joining RISE?

DO IT! You only have good things to gain from joining RISE!

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