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It’s amazing what can be accomplished when you put your mind to it… and that couldn’t be truer among this year’s RISE-olution Challenge participants! With the 8-week challenge now officially wrapped, RISE Fitness + RISE Cycle is thrilled to share the success achieved by this very committed group of RISERS!


Here’s a by-the-numbers look at the accomplishments of this dedicated RISE-olution Challenge group:

  • 1,100 pounds lost!

  • 810 inches gone!

  • 500,000 ounces of water consumed!

  • 50,000 cups of fruits and veggies enjoyed!

  • 17,000 burpees completed!

  • More than 70,000 squats performed!

  • Thousands of buckets of sweat exerted!

  • Hundreds of high fives shared!


The RISE-olution Challenge, which took place between January 13 and March 9, 2018, is a journey into wellness that focuses on physical and mental health, as well as nutritional coaching and guidance. During each week of the challenge, RISE Fitness + RISE Cycle introduced a new fitness and health challenge to the participants in an effort to further expose them to ways in which they could connect with their mind and body. And the numbers speak for themselves… more than 130 participants rose to the RISE-olution Challenge and found great success!

Here’s a list of the achievements achieved by this amazing group!


#1: Shits and Jiggles - Brian and Jen Ashmore, Noel Leatherbury, Jeff Ehrhart

#2: Chafin the Dream - Tom and Tara Campbell, Mike and Meagan Cabray

#3: The ladies Man - Jeff and Stacy Short, Kristen Schaffnit, Lauren Purdom



#1: Brian Ashmore

#2: Jeff Ehrhart

#3: Pete Codinha


#1: Melissa Manna

#2: Jen Ashmore

#3: Tara Campbell

LOST 5 to 10 POUNDS:

Alicia Forrester

Alisha Rylander

Amy Brinkworth

Amy Lawless

Andrea Monahan

Beth Saunders

Camille Platten

Cherri Morawski

Corinne Ingrum

Dave White

Duncan Blowers

Elizabeth Greco

Emily Lobdell

Heather Hartman

Heather Stupfel

Hillary Lane

Jami VandeWoestyne

Jen Blowers

Jen Malec

Jennifer Greenwalt

Jessica Powell

Jill Cline

Jodi Herbold

Julie Stobierski

Karen Winter

Kate Ritzenthaler

Katie McKenna

Kim Miller

Kim Ong

Krista Chase

Kristen Dowd

Kristin Drapinski

Laura Roberts

Lauren Purdom

Lindsey Griffin

Lisa Batz

Lisa Brennan

Lisa Jones

Loren Bollman

Lori Gapinski

Marie Desautels

Marie Hall

Mary Baziuk

Matt Galvanoni

Meagen Carbray

Megan Fahey

Melissa Ezzell

Michelle Parduhn

Mika McKenna

Molly Hull

Phil Parduhn

Rene Blew

Sara Hagen

Scott Brown

Stacy Short

Tara Chinski

Tarah Arnold

LOST 10 to 15 POUNDS:

Alessia Loffredo

Amorie Wellen

Amy Gauri

Beth White

Bridget Flint

Eric Jensen

Eve McKowen

Guy Filwett

Jen Delapaz

Jenny Yeager

Julie Kennebeck

Katie Rahill

Katy Johnson

Kristen Schaffnit

Lisa Schwarz

Lori Niforatos

Lynn Allaway

Mary Campagna

Megan Jensen

Melissa Manna

Nancy Yatzkan

Nicole Milnamow

Tara Campbell

Tara Wigal

Tom McKenna

LOST 15 to 20 POUNDS:

Chris Lobdell

Jason Schulz

Jeff Short

Jennifer Ashmore

Noel Leatherbury


Brian Ashmore

Mike Carbray

Rob Wellen


Pete Codinha - 24 lbs

Jeff Ehrhart - 25 lbs

Tom Campbell - 27 lbs

RISE Fitness + RISE Cycle is extremely proud of the results achieved by this motivated group! As a reminder, the journey to wellness is continuous at RISE, where support, motivation and guidance are offered each day, in each class, by each instructor, and by every staff member. After all, we only RISE by lifting others!

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