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On January 13, 2018, 138 individuals started an 8-week personal and team-based health, wellness and fitness challenge through RISE Fitness + RISE Cycle in Glen Ellyn. Known to participants as the 2018 RISE-olution Challenge, this 8-week journey is carefully planned by RISE instructors and staff and includes guidelines, meal plans, weekly fitness and nutritional challenges, and online fitness videos for those too busy to make it to the RISE Studio. Teams of 4 are competing for the most points won – which are accumulated by following the guidelines – in addition to pounds shed and inches lost.


It may not be hot in Chicago in the winter months, but participants of the 2018 RISE-olution Challenge – with just one week under their belts – are dropping weight like it is… a staggering 374 cumulative pounds were lost in the first 7 days of this 56-day journey.


Thanks to the continuous support of the RISE Fitness instructors and staff, which compromises a raw vegan chef, holistic nutritionist, and registered nurse, the 2018 RISE-olution Challenge is designed to help motivated individuals find their inner strength to conquer their health and wellness goals. Participants of this journey receive support not only from their 4-person teams, but also from a private community Facebook group on which guidance, encouragement, and success stories are shared and celebrated. Weekly challenge meetings are held. New recipes are shared. Motivational quotes are applauded. And, most important, new health and wellness habits are adopted.

Congratulations to the 138 RISE-olution Challenge participants for succeeding in putting your health and wellness first in 2018. This journey has just begun and we can’t wait to see where it will take you in the coming weeks and months!

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