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If you’ve had any interaction with Janelle Sullivan, the owner/fitness guru/creative mastermind behind RISE Fitness + RISE Cycle, it’s evident she has lots to share. And lucky for the Glen Ellyn community, that includes her passion for health and fitness. In fact, it’s what she’s known and adored for. Some might even say that because of Janelle, RISE has a cult following.

And word of this cult is out! Glancer Magazine named Janelle and her boutique fitness studio a Health Influencer for 2018. RISE Fitness + RISE Cycle made the cover story of Glancer’s first issue of 2018 that, appropriately, focuses on health and new beginnings.

An ever-inspiring role model, Janelle reminds use that RISE Fitness + RISE Cycle is a unique fitness studio that “celebrates inspiration, energy and good health no matter what your fitness level.” Additionally, Janelle notes that the studio’s instructors “adapt and customize our movements to everyone’s abilities and pride ourselves on fostering an inclusive environment where all are welcome.”

As we approach 2018 with renewed vision and goals, Janelle also shared her top health tips with Glancer: Writing down your health and fitness goals; learning about food and nutrition for ways to fuel your body; and regularly adding variety to your workout routines – not only to keep your body guessing, but also to keep your exercise routine exciting, challenging and engaging.

Congratulations, Janelle, on this much deserved recognition! We already knew you were a health influencer in our community, but now everybody else does, too. Thanks to you, RISE Fitness + RISE Cycle continues to provide a daily escape that allows us to push our bodies, minds, and souls as we pursue the best version of ourselves.

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