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RISE Fitness + RISE Cycle Glen Ellyn will kickoff its 2017 RISE-OLUTION Challenge in early January. Here is all the information you need to know!

WHO: Our RISE-OLUTION Challenge is designed for people ready to make a commitment to wellness in 2017. The RISE-OLUTION Challenge requires full participation and lots of energy to be a success; therefore, we are asking challengers to have an open mind, be willing to enter points on a daily and weekly basis, engage on our private Facebook page and attend both our kick-off and mid-point meetings.

WHAT: The RISE-OLUTION Challenge has both fitness and nutritional components, including the elimination of sugar from your diet. The winner(s) are determined not just by weight and inches lost, but by who accumulates the most points developing healthy habits over the course of 8 weeks.

WHEN: The RISE-OLUTION Challenge will begin January 8, 2017, and end March 5, 2017. The information session for those that have never participated and would like to learn more about it will be January 4, 2017, at 8pm. For those that have signed up, the kick-off meeting will be Saturday, January 7, 2017, at 9:30am.

NOTE: Deadline for sign up is January 5, 2017, at 10am, NO EXCEPTIONS.


Can I pick my team for the RISE-OLUTION Challenge?

You can pick a partner for this Challenge. Teams will be assembled by the RISE Challenge leads and then communicated at the kick-off. This gives everyone a chance to know someone on a team as well as meet other challengers in the RISE Community! If you are uncomfortable with this arrangement, please contact us prior to January 1, 2017.

How does the Team Challenge work?

You will receive daily points for developing healthy habits such as drinking water, exercising, eating certain foods, and keeping a food journal. You will also receive points for pounds and inches lost. If you are uneasy about being on a team but would still like to participate in the Challenge, please contact us.

What is the deadline to sign up?

Sign up for the RISE-OLUTION Challenge before January 5, 2017, at 10am. No exceptions. We need time to assemble the teams and have them available for the kick-off meeting on Saturday, January 7th!

What if I'm a beginner and new to RISE Fitness + RISE Cycle classes?

If you are new to RISE and are uneasy about jumping into a class, please let us know. We are happy to help you find a class that fits and to make sure the instructor is informed of where you are in your fitness journey, and can provide extra attention to form and modifications when needed.

What is included in the Meal Plan option?

You will receive recipes for 5 days per week, for both Breakfast and Dinner (with a family friendly option) for the entire 8 weeks. Menus are distributed in advance for planning purposes. Additionally, you’ll receive snack and lunch ideas. Food is not included in this option. If you are interested in adding food, Alicia Skodol from Reasonably Raw Momma can provide this to you for an added cost.

Is there a detox and how does it work?

Space is limited for a 3-day detox and will be offered first come, first serve. Two detox dates will be available: February 7-9 or February 14-16. This detox includes food for Breakfast and Lunch and a recommended Dinner option. During the detox weeks, pick up is at RISE Fitness Studio the evening of Monday, February 6, and Monday, February 13th. You then begin your actual detox the next day (Tuesday) with the food you picked up the night prior. This pick-up process is repeated Tuesday and Wednesday.

LASTLY, we hope you join in on the fun! There is no better way to start the year than to focus on getting to your best self with improved nutrition and fitness. We have an absolute blast along the way and by March 5 you will be looking and feeling a lot better--making this perfect timing for Spring Break!

To SIGN UP, click here. This will explain the RISE-OLUTION Challenge purchase options available to you. If you have any questions about these options, feel free to call the studio or email us.

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