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Welcome to the RISE



Every week starting Saturday, March 21st.  Participants may join at any time, but new weeks begin every Saturday.  We will continue to add weeks until life returns to normal!


This challenge is open to all individuals.  For simplicity purposes, there are no defined teams, but we will work together as a community to support each other.


Accountability is critical for focus and to help establish new routines when so much of our daily lives has changed.

To log your daily points:

-Open the RISE Quarantine NO15 Google Sheet

-Select the appropriate week, day and category

-New weeks will be added as necessary

-If you don’t see the right day, scroll to the left or right

-Enter one point by your name if you complete the category objective

You can do this from your mobile device or your computer.  If you are using a mobile device, use the Sheets app and select the green checkmark when done to save your edits. (avoid the “+” sign on your phone because that adds sheets).

Are you ready to join the QUARANTINE NO15 CHALLENGE?  Well then click below!

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