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Tom Fanter: RISER of the Month October 2022

Tom Fanter has always had a knack for fitness, playing sports including baseball, basketball and tennis through high school and committing to a steady routine of cardio and strength training including running, biking, swimming, weight training and HIIT as an adult. When Tom’s wife Carin started teaching at RISE back in 2012, he took his first class shortly after and soon RISE became a central part of his fitness routine.

“RISE really is a special community of people supporting each other to not only be fit, but to pursue a healthy lifestyle overall,” says Tom. “The classes scale so well to all levels of fitness and all types of fitness goals.”

Over the years, Tom’s focus on wellness has evolved to include new fitness and lifestyle goals for himself but also to helping those around him succeed by coaching. “This started years ago when my kids were very young and I got involved with coaching LOTS of their sports teams,” he says. “It really helped me discover my passion for working with others as a coach. To me, coaching is just helping people create the conditions in their life in which they can thrive.”

In May 2022, Tom brought his passion for coaching to RISE, leading a great group of fellow RISERS in training for a full Murph workout (timed session of 100 pull-ups, 200 push-ups, 300 air squats wearing a 20-pound weighted vest). “Everyone in our group finished,” he says. “We carried that energy forward into the first RISE Men's Accountability group during the month of August. Since June, I've also been teaching a new studio class, HIIT Boxing 6:30pm on Wednesdays. All of these experiences remind me that there is nothing like the camaraderie and accountability of group training.”

Tom, thank you for being a leader (and an inspiration!) to all of us at RISE. As Katelyn Kaese said, you’re the epitome of a RISER of the Month!

Read on for more about Tom’s personal goals and his tips for living your healthiest life.

What are your short and long-term wellness goals?

Fitness-wise, this year I've put a lot of focus on bodyweight training. I have experimented with some push-up challenges including doing 100 push-ups in 2 minutes, a one-hour push-up EMOM (1,581 push-ups my best so far), 2,000 push-ups in 100 minutes, and Bring Sally Up (you can look that one up on YouTube). Earlier this year I checked off a major goal with my 1,000th class at RISE. I'm sure there will be more goals to hit in the future!

Longer-term, I'd like to keep my mental and physical quality of life as high as possible for as long as possible. I also hope to inspire my kids to live an active, healthy lifestyle.

What keeps you motivated to go after these goals?

Being around other people who are trying to be the best version of themselves. It's a winding but worthwhile journey!

What RISE class gets you feeling the most mentally and physically amped?

Wow, it's just too hard to pick a favorite. RISE has so many talented instructors creating great experiences across many different fitness styles. I will say that instructing my own classes has been a new challenge and a real thrill for me this year.

What’s your biggest challenge in getting to class, and how do you combat that challenge?

It's a little thing, but setting my workout clothes out the night before an early class gives me a little forward momentum in the morning.

Wellness is a big part of your family. How do you suggest those just starting out incorporate wellness into their everyday lives?

I think James Clear's guidance really applies here: Surround yourself with other people who have the same goals as you. You'll rise together.

What’s your best healthy living tip?

You have to do the things that matter on your best day and your worst day.

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