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September 2021 Riser of the Month

When Jennifer (Jen) Blowers embraced her first RISE Challenge in 2017, it changed her eating habits, lifestyle and waistline. While it took the quarantine to get her working out with RISE from her basement, Jen was immediately on board with what RISE had to offer. "I was hooked after my first 'Katelyn kitchen sink' barre class," she says. "I love the energy, the community and variety of classes."

Today Jen continues working out at RISE and has joined in person because it gives her so much more than just fitness. "I love Carin Fanter's mantra 'sweaty and happy'," she says. "I come to RISE every day to feel inspired, strong and centered, which sets up my day to be the best prepared for whatever comes my way with my family and/or work."

With her daily routine down, Jen is still participating in the Challenge now. "I am trying to 'spot train' certain muscles," she says. "I am finding that the mind to muscle connection is so real! I talk to my back during rows and my a** during squats."

Congrats, Jen, on the well-deserved RISER of the Month win! Read on to see how else Jen plans to RISE each and every day. What specifically, other than format or schedule, do you like about RISE? I absolutely love each and every instructor. Their passion and dedication to making each of their classes unique challenges my body, mind and spirit. What RISE class gets you feeling the most mentally and physically amped? I once burned 100 zone minutes during Katelyn's 60 minute cardio boxing class. The sweat, the endorphins and the afterglow inner-Zen carries me for days.

What’s your biggest challenge in getting to class? I am a night owl so it makes it difficult to soar with the eagles at 5am. What’s your athletic background? I grew up playing outdoors in the woods and parks of my town...always out with friends on bikes, building forts in the woods and swimming in the local lake and community pools. Tennis was my favorite sport, and I practiced and played competitively. What’s your best healthy living tip? Read the nutrition labels. There is hidden added sugar in so many foods including chicken stock! During my first Challenge I was completely shocked to learn that one piece of bacon and one whole egg were more nutritious and less detrimental to my body weight than a plain bagel.


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