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RISING Into The Holidays

As we head into the holiday season, it’s one of the easiest times of the year to drop our wellness routines in favor of holiday treats and parties. It’s also one of the most important times of year to honor the commitment you make to wellness all year long.

However, that doesn’t mean restricting yourself from holiday fun. More so, it means finding the right balance in your choices. Fit in the movement you need, make healthy meal choices and then, yes, add in an indulgence or two.

Here are the RISE instructors best tips for living well and making the most of the holiday season for YOU.

Stick to your schedule and pick your poison! Putting your workouts on your calendar just like all the other holiday hoopla means it is time that you have set aside - but you have to honor it and stick to your plan! And then pick your poison at all those holiday parties. You will not feel your best after having ALL the desserts, bubbles and tasty apps BUT you can pick which one you will enjoy! It's a season to celebrate - but celebrate yourself too - you deserve to feel GOOD!

Katelyn Kaese

The holidays are a time for celebration and enjoying time with family and friends, which means lots of time eating and drinking all the things we love. Movement is so important, especially during a time that is joyful and also stressful. I make sure that I get a workout in everyday no matter how busy I am, even if it’s a 30-minute walk outside. Have a workout written up and a time set aside to get your workout in. Also, grabbing a friend to workout with helps to keep you accountable. It’s important to stay active especially during the overindulgence of the holidays.

Allison Billingsley

Give yourself the gift of grace during the holiday season! I don't beat myself up for missing a workout or spending too much time at the dessert table. I love the holidays and time with family and friends. Enjoy it. Wake up the next day with a game plan to get back at it. Remember, we're all just doing the best we can. And that's OK!

Cara Kinna

As you head into this hectic but joyful season, try and pick 3 habits things to focus on maintaining. Making sure I still eat a lot of veggies early in the day, ensuring I move my body intentionally, and planning as many meals as possible keeps me focused and centered mentally which helps me handle all the extra TO DOs that get added to my list! Don't get so lost in creating the MAGIC for everyone else that you forget that MAGIC starts in YOU!

Rachel Beard

During the holidays, I make sure to keep my routine as much as possible: 16 oz of water and mindfulness when I wake up, some type of workout, fresh air and 7 hours of sleep. Then I give myself grace on everything else. It’s the holidays!

Sue Schaffler

When it comes to maintaining fitness and nutrition during the holidays I really try to stick with a normal routine. I know days can be crazy but I still try to prioritize a workout - even if it's a short one! I try to plan activities for my family that involve movement, if we are active during the day, I feel we enjoy relaxing nights more!

When it comes to nutrition and holiday parties/gatherings, I always try to eat (or bring!) the veggie dishes before eating anything else. Fill up on the good stuff and then enjoy your favorites! You also have to be realistic - it is the holidays after all, and we work so hard during the year so that we CAN enjoy these moments so indulge but get back on track! It's all about balance!

Lauren Buell

I write all my workouts in my calendar from Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day and treat them like appointments. If I have to leave a workout early, that’s ok. Something is better than nothing. As far as food goes, I allow myself indulgences but I really think about what I want. I only eat what sounds truly delicious and satisfying. If you want the chocolate cake, don’t eat a candy cane. Go for the cake and really enjoy it! I’m also careful about cocktails as they have a lot of empty calories. I typically have one yummy cocktail first then I switch to a rotation of wine and water.

PD Menzel

Really focus on eating really healthy for the meals and make sure to get in lots of movement!

Carin Fanter

I magnify moderation during the holidays. I’ll have the Christmas cookies or glass of wine but before I have a second cookie or second glass, I’ll make it a conscious effort and think, is it worth it? Is it that good? Sometimes it is 😊

Danielle Bollman

I try to find a way to incorporate movement into each day during the holidays, whether it's a workout with family members early in the morning or just a long walk with my dog with or without family, depending on if I need some time away from all of the excitement! As for nutrition, if I know I am going to be having a big holiday meal, I try to stick to a green juice and eggs for breakfast and a big green salad for lunch in preparation for a heavier meal later in the day. With cocktails, I try to have a glass of water between each one to slow my intake. I'm not always perfect, but I do try to keep these strategies in mind!

Emily Lobdell


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