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Rising In Gratitude

For the instructors at RISE, wellness is truly a way of life. It’s not a means to an end, but a contiguous path with ever-changing goals. “One of the ways we stay engaged in our fitness and wellness OUTSIDE of the studio is by discussing all the things we are doing year-round to support our goals,” says instructor and wellness coach Rachel Beard. “We share recipes and talk about what we are feeding our families. You’ll find us in class when we aren’t teaching and, occasionally, we explore new fitness venues to keep changing it up and staying engaged.”

To share their love of wellness with the greater RISE community, the all-star coaches will be RISING IN GRATITUDE for fitness and wellness during November with another Accountability Group. Whether you’re looking to keep up with the healthy habits you implemented during the fall Challenge or need to refocus on your wellness routine, RISE will provide continued coaching and group support, supply some new healthy Fall recipes and keep the encouragement and momentum high as we head into holiday season. “There’s no daily tracking component for this, but we will talk about the actions we prioritize on a daily basis and how to keep up with it all year long,” says Rachel.

A Message from A Fellow Riser

When Jen McNeil joined her first accountability group this summer, she loved the immediate connection to a group of supportive, like-minded women who were all on a similar path. “We each were on a quest for nutritional, physical and mental wellness,” says Jen.

While each members specific goals differed, with a congruent broad focus, they could support one another on a daily basis. For Jen, this meant learning to integrate her goals and self-care into her family’s busy routine. “I am the first to admit that I set my needs aside while I take care of my family,” she says. “Playdates, sports, homework, healthy(ish) meals, decent bedtimes - these are just a few items I have on a rolling daily checklist. Rise Accountability Group made me realize that it was just as important, and I can now argue MORE important, to include myself on that list.”

Jen’s self-care started off by carving out just 10 minutes a day, which quickly escalated to 30 or longer. “Flash forward to now, I think I have read 12 books since August and I've even incorporated audiobooks for long walks or even just while I ‘rage clean’ my forever messy kitchen,” she says.

The bottom line for Jen, she didn't know how much she needed to be a part of her accountability group until she was in it. “I think as moms we forget that it's OK to put ourselves first sometimes,” she says. “Thanks to Rachel and the support of the Rise community, I know now that I am a way better mom when I take the time to fill my own cup.”


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Don’t Forget …

The 1:1 Wellness coaching is available year-round. If you have any questions, text or email


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