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We’re honored to feature our clients along their RISE journey each month. This month, we are thrilled the RISE story applies to the entire family. We’d like to congratulate the Rogers family as our RISE Family of the Month.

What brought you all to RISE? I (Linda) started at RISE to balance my running regimen with some cross training-type classes. They have proven to be challenging and fun. Similarly, my husband Mike was looking to balance his bike, swim and run workouts. And our two girls joined at different times both looking for great fitness classes. We were pleasantly surprised that we all found what we were in search of at RISE. We love working out as a family.

What classes do you attend? We mostly attend Kettlebell and the Bootcamp morning classes to get our workouts in bright and early. We've also enjoyed Circuit, TRX, Fusion, Barre and Cycle. My daughter also loved the classes throughout her pregnancy and felt the instructors were definitely helpful in modifying her moves to keep her safe.

What do you like about RISE? We all love the convenient location, the fun and friendly instructors and the RISE community. There’s also great value in the membership fee as you have so much class variety, varying difficulty levels and schedule options. I think we all feel RISE has been a positive addition to our workout schedule and the class variety has helped add overall strength and flexibility to our regimen.

Results we can attribute to RISE? We're all stronger! I’m (Linda) in the BEST shape of my life.

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