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Before joining RISE, exercise had been absent from our daily routine for a combined 17 years. As RISE regulars, there are several consistencies that keep us coming back for more – the classes are always challenging and keep us on our toes and we have more energy, fewer aches and pains and generally feel fantastic. We enjoy the variety of class offerings, the instructors are genuine and our connection with the broader Rise community has created many friendships. - Megan and Dave Allen

The end of each year is an opportunity to reflect. In 2016, RISE became an integral part of our family routine. RISE helped us pay closer attention to our daily choices, show our kids that exercise can be fun and rewarding and it provided a much needed distraction from our hectic schedules. The 45-minute Sunday Circuit class has given us the undivided time needed to reconnect and motivate each other. RISE is a place where we aren’t talking about kids, work, or what we need to do that week. It's simply time together.

Recently, we heard our two children playing “RISE” at home --with planking competitions and all. Clearly our 2016 workout routines aren’t going unnoticed. So much so, our daughter requested to have her Birthday party at the Studio this year. She had such a blast creating her favorite yoga animal poses with her friends. The positive impact RISE has had on all our lives brings us so much happiness.

We look forward to continuing our health and wellness journey in 2017 at RISE.

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