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risers of the month - Jeff and Stacy short


When their baby was 18-months old, Stacy and Jeff both realized it was about time to shed the baby weight. This was about the same time that a friend introduced them to the RISE Challenge. While Jeff initially hesitated to join the team, he seized the opportunity and lost a whopping ten pounds in one week. While Stacy was envious of his speedy results and experienced slightly slower outcomes, they both realized how advantageous this new lifestyle was to the entire family. With a major shift in how their family spent their free time, there was a newfound emphasis on a healthier diet and overall wellness. They frequently wonder what they did with their spare time before RISE and love that their kids equate the Studio with “the place that sometimes gives out ice cream”.

What are your RISE favorites?

We’re early RISER(S) so we love the options offered at the crack of dawn during the week. We are constantly in awe by the abundance of energy of the instructors. And there’s never a shortage of butt kicking. Regardless of the workout - Kettlebell, HIIT, or Circuit Training—we leave exhilarated and ready to start the day. Sometimes even with Jeff singing at 6am (a usual occurrence).

Everyone gets a double dose on the days we’re able to pull off a

“Short Swap” (as Katelyn named it).

What do you like most about RISE?

ALL OF IT! The Instructors, the Challenge, the people standing next to us, the sense of community and each and every welcoming smile ALL make waking up at the crack of dawn a little easier. We fondly recall looking around the room when we first started at RISE thinking that everyone was in such great shape. Now, we are just excited that we can keep up with the likes of this crew. Everyone at RISE wants to see you succeed, work hard and feel good which is a great feeling.

What impact has RISE had on you and your family?

Our life has changed in so many ways since the first day of the RISE Challenge. Not only have we lost a combined 70 lbs.; we enjoy life and time with our family so much more. We try to fill our days by being active rather than the tired, lazy lifestyle we led in the past. Jeff ran a half marathon in August 2017. His training went really well and his race results exceeded expectations thanks to the variety and intensity of his RISE workout regimen combined with hard work. Stacy has found RISE to be a place that not only makes her feel good inside and out, but RISE has brought such a positive change to our life making it easier to handle stress, be happier and enjoy the wonderful life we have.


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