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T: Tom likes to ride outside and was looking for something to do when the weather turned colder, so when the Cycle studio opened in October he decided to give it a SPIN. Over time they heard so many positive experiences from friends, so Jenny tried it out too.

J: Since moving to the burbs 8 years ago, Jenny couldn’t find her groove with any of the local workout facilities. She joined Tom for a Spin class in early 2017 and has been hooked since.

Tell us what motivates you? This could be related to workouts or life.

T: Tom is motivated by data and he tracks and logs his workouts. Comparing average power but also overall distance PR’s. Using the power meter is a great way to check your relative performance as long as you ride the same bike. Speaking of stats – in 3 years, since the opening of the Cycle Studio in Oct 2015, Tom has been to about 485 cycle classes, some days even pulling a double.

J: The results! It’s likely she’s in the best shape she’s ever been.

What are your short-term and long-term workout goals?

J: Short-term, keeping fit during the long winter. Longer term, role modeling better eating and workout habits for our kids.

Aside from class format and schedules specifically, what do you like about RISE(events, community, retail, location etc.)?

J: The instructors are awesome and the workouts are intense. We’re not around too much during the week so this provides us with a nice connection to the local community.

T: The instructors are top notch and are encouraging of all ability levels and don't mind if you do your own thing, like no jumps.

What impact has exercise had on your lifestyle?

T: The combination of exercise and participating in Challenges has helped Tom to make healthier choices overall.

What’s your biggest challenge in getting to class?

T&J: Trains! And kids + work.

What is your athletic background (none, runner, badminton player, dancer, football...etc)?

J: Tennis

Any tips of your favorite recipe, healthy living, grocery or wellness apps or websites you couldn’t live without?

T: Strava

J: My Fitness Pal: Rise app


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