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riser of the month - Rachel Beard

What makes RISE such a special community?

There truly is something for everyone – from strength-based to cardio and in both the fitness and cycle studios. Each instructor brings his or her own personality and style, so I urge you to try different classes until you find what classes and instructors work for you. After all, if you enjoy what you’re doing, it won’t feel like a chore!

What motivates you?

The older my children get, the more I think about what type of people I hope they grow to be. So my motivation is knowing they are watching me and trying to be a good example through taking care of myself, valuing my health, giving my time to the community, and being there for the important people in my life. My wish is for them to grow up being aware of the value of these things in their life.

What are your short-term and long-term workout goals? My short-term goal was to become an instructor, so I’m checking that off the list! Long-term, I’m trying to learn how to enjoy the running track at the Outdoor Bootcamp Class.

Aside from class format and schedules, what do you like about RISE?

You can’t beat the RISE community – a group of people who show up and work hard every single day! Even on the days I struggle through a class, I leave filled with positive energy from the people around me. And sometimes that energy is more beneficial to my day than the physical effects of the workout.

What impact has exercise had on your lifestyle? I signed up for my first RISE challenge because I knew I needed to do something different, but I didn’t know what that was or what that really meant. Seeing changes that weren’t just physical is what made me keep coming back for more. I learned that I am more patient with my family; more on top of my to-do list; and make healthy choices when I’ve started my day working out at RISE.

What’s your biggest challenge in getting to class? Between three kids and a husband who travels for work, there’s always something out my control, which is why I prefer early morning classes. Getting my workout in before my family is awake gives me time for myself and sets the tone for my entire day. I’ve also learned that sometimes life DOES get in the way, and when that happens you have to ride it out and then start again. But when you do, there are always people happy to see you walk through those orange doors!

What’s your favorite junk food? Any salty chips – especially homemade ones!

What’s your favorite healthy food? Scrambled eggs with cauliflower rice and Frank’s Red Hot Original sauce. It’s my favorite post-workout breakfast!

Any tips of your favorite recipe, healthy living, grocery or wellness apps or websites you couldn’t live without?

Whole30 Instagram features a ton of healthy tips as well as different Whole30/Paleo pages to follow, so it’s a great place to find a variety of tasty clean eating recipes.

What has been your very favorite vacation/trip?

Grand Cayman, 7 mile beach.

What tips would you offer to someone who is on the fence/needs that extra nudge to start a workout routine?

Take it ONE STEP AT A TIME! Show up for ONE class, make ONE better food choice, do ONE extra burpee… it’s a lot easier to take ONE small step than a giant leap. Those small daily changes are what create better habits.


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