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"The RISE Challenge was a perfect reset for me. I was empowered by a supportive community all in pursuit of a healthier lifestyle. My team members fueled my strength and determination. Including my husband. He’s always been my rock --albeit a smaller one now. And while we came in second place, we were all winners. As a result, I’m a regular RISER and I look forward to classes with familiar faces." - Michelle Fenske

At the twelfth hour, I decided to take the plunge and sign up for the 2016 RISE Challenge with no real goal or plan in place. I knew I needed to do something for me. I’ve taken the back seat in my own health journey for some time while intercepting several curveballs thrown my way over the last four years.
My dad lost is his leg to diabetes, my mother-in-law died of a stroke, my sister was diagnosed with lymphoma, and my disabled mom finally lost her battle with an infection she spent two years battling.
During this challenging time, I willingly took on the role of caretaker while tending to my four children. This balancing act and emotional rollercoaster resulted in 42 unwelcome pounds.
I love that there’s a class for every level of fitness. Kettle ignites my competitive drive while Fusion is perfect for fine-tuning. Barre has been integral in slimming down my waist by nine inches. Working out is part of my life because I know how quickly it can be taken away. I thank the amazing instructors who have helped me on this journey. Their support and enthusiasm have given me the motivation to keep pushing closer to my goals.
Embrace the burn, it means change!


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