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Riser of the Month: Meet Jen Benkert

If you have been to Rise, there is no doubt you have met Jen Benkert (or at the very least been welcomed by her smiling face). Jen not only runs Rise's front desk, she is also the guru to the behind the scenes at Rise. While her everyday presence in Rise as a business is her role today, Jen has also been an avid Rise client and challenger for years.

So, on the off chance you haven't met her year, meet the August 2022 Riser of the Month Jen Benkert!

"Risers of the Month embody all that Rise stands for - wellness, community and connection," says Rise owner/instructor Katelyn Kaese. "Jen is the epitome of ALL of these! She balances her workouts and healthy nutrition choices throughout her weeks. You will always see her in class pushing herself and helping others feel supported and motivated! She is always making healthy, beautiful meals for her family."

Another of Jen's greatest strengths is connecting with our clients and team members, so don't be afraid to ask. "She is a friend and supporter for everyone who comes into her life," says Katelyn.

Jen's ability to support others at Rise may come from her personal experience as a challenge winner several years ago and as a class regular. "Jen found her stride with taking care of herself and sharing the love by inspiring others to care for themselves," says Katelyn. "Jen is a wonderful example of 'find a way, make a way' with how you move your body. She listens to her body and takes care to move in a way that is right for her. Any class at Rise can be a great fit for any client - Jen knows this the best! She will help our Rise clients find their stride if they are just starting out or have been with us for years."

We are grateful (and excited!) to share how much we appreciate and love Jen by having her represent Rise this month!

Be Well, Katelyn Kaese Owner, Rise Glen Ellyn (630) 981-1640


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