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What motivates you?

I like to be able to do things. Getting out of the house and being active motivates me. Plus being around positive people. And Katelyn is one of the most positive people ever. You can't quit when she is motivating you and makes you laugh. You think, "Okay, I can do five more."

What are your short-term and long-term workout goals?

In the short term, to get in and do it! I want to be able to do it. In the long term, I want to stay in shape so that I can continue to be active. I workout because I feel better. I am an older mom with kids in high school. I want to stay fit and not give into my aging body.

Aside from class format and schedules, what do you like about RISE?

The location. I can get their easily even though I'm on the other side of the tracks. It's not a 20 minute drive to go workout. Also, the variety of classes. If you go to one barre class, it's not the same the next week. I also like the Challenges, because you get to know your team and you support each other all year long, not just during the Challenge. You become workout buddies and you don't always find that at every gym. I am doing this Challenge because my ex-teammates got me to sign up again.

What impact has exercise had on your lifestyle?

Since starting at RISE in October 2017, it's the first span of two winters I haven't injured my back and been out for at least a month. I think that's from barre. You get the workout without the impact. It strengthens your core. It's effective without injury.

What's your greatest challenge getting to class?

Now that my kids are in high school, I don't have one. I feel lucky -- there's nothing keeping me away in the morning.

What is your athletic background?

I've done weight training since high school and did karate for years.

Lastly, any favorite recipe, grocery, healthy living or wellness tip to share?

Matcha tea! It's perfect for the Challenge too.


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