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riser of the month - Kristen Schaffnit

What brought you to RISE? I love group fitness and know that's what works best for me. I love the energy from others, the motivation and accountability. Until finding RISE, I was struggling to find a place with classes that challenged me and fit into my schedule. Now, I can get up and workout before work or getting my family ready for school. I'm usually home before they even wake up. For me, it's such a positive way to start my day and I always feel better on the mornings I'm there. I love the variety of classes and the different instructors. Knowing each workout is new and unique keeps me motivated and prevents boredom. And luckily there’s a different class every day of the week that fits my schedule challenges me. I don't always go everyday, but I love knowing that I have the option. What do you like about RISE? Door-to-door, my commute is four minutes. I like knowing that I'll likely see someone I know and that accountability is what motivates me on days I don't feel like working out. I also appreciate the little surprises - a fruit-infused water, a spa towel after spin or a fun theme class. What motivates you? My husband is my biggest motivator followed by my desire to be healthy for my family. What are your workout goals? Maintain my workout regimen through the winter when it’s cold and dark and much more appealing to stay under the warm covers. What impact has exercise had on your lifestyle? Exercise has become an integral part of my everyday routine. While it’s not always an intense workout, a few extra steps during the day count more than doing nothing. What’s your biggest challenge in getting to class? Freight trains! They always seem to be blocking the tracks - typically when I'm cutting it close. I used to try to figure out the best plan - wait it out, drive to the underpass, check another intersection, etc. It never failed, no matter what strategy I tried, the train ended faster than my detour. Now, I just sip my coffee and wait for it to pass. It's not worth the stress! What do you like to do with your spare time? I love to be busy. I don't like to sit around. Even when the opportunity to be lazy for a minute presents itself, I'd rather be busy. I also enjoy a car full of kids. I’m told this will probably change when all three of my kids are in multiple activities. But for now, I love it. There’s nothing more fulfilling than surrounding myself with family and friends. What’s your favorite junk food? Seasonal coffee drinks like pumpkin spice lattes and gingerbread lattes. What’s your favorite healthy food? Quinoa. It’s so versatile. You can add it to soups, salads; make a creative bowl, stuff peppers, etc. I always have some in my pantry. Any tips of your favorite recipe, healthy living, grocery or wellness apps or websites you couldn’t live without? RX bars for sure. I like knowing I have a healthy, on the go bar for whenever I need a quick bite. I love the activity app on the Apple Watch. It allows me share my activity with family members and co-workers. Not only is it the accountability motivating, it's an awesome tool for encouragement. The feature that sends a text message when someone in the group reaches a goal or has a great workout makes staying active even more positive. What has been your very favorite vacation/trip? My honeymoon in Lanai was so relaxing, beautiful and carefree. Any tips you’d like to offer someone who is on the fence and needs that extra nudge to start a workout routine? Find a workout you enjoy. It's difficult to stick with something you don't enjoy. For instance, I’m not a runner. Yet, I still attempt to run on the treadmill knowing it will be only a matter of minutes into the workout before I want hop off. Find what works for you and what you enjoy. Anything you’d like to add? I think my biggest RISE moment of gratitude came on Mother’s Day last year -- almost a year after my first RISE class. I continued to take classes over the year and participate in additional challenges. When you're working out every day, you don't always realize how your body is changing because it's so gradual. That day, I recall thinking back to how I felt the year prior on Mother's. I was so happy with the progress I had made in one year. And it wasn't just a focus on weight; it was the combination of strength, increased energy, confidence and everything else that goes into a lifestyle of wellness.


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