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After many years of trying different gyms and studios and many kinds of workouts, I found my home at RISE. RISE has a wide variety of classes that push me both mentally and physically. What motivates you?

The thing that motivates me the most is my family. I tell my kids that I workout to be a better mom. I want to be the most healthy person I can be for my husband and kids. I want my kids to see me exercise so it becomes something that they will just always do in their lives. What do you like most about RISE?

What I love the most about RISE is the feeling of family. No matter what my mood when I walk in the door I am welcomed with a smile and my day becomes brighter. We workout hard, but there are days we laugh through our workout too! I always leave there feeling better about myself and with a smile. That is why I go and will continue to keep going to RISE. What class gets you the most amped?

The class that gets me the most amped can change monthly, but right now it probably has to be the new Met Con class! It is physically exhausting but Allison knows exactly how to keep us going and I leave there knowing I worked as hard as I could. What's your greatest challenge in fitting in your workout?

My biggest challenge in getting to class is my three young children. Every other day someone is sick in the winter! What's your athletic background?

I grew up a gymnast. I practiced everyday for many years. I was also a college gymnast. After college I worked at East Bank Club in Chicago. Fitness has always been a part of my life. What's your No. 1 healthy living tip? My best healthy living tip is never feel like you can’t have something to eat. As I get older I realize if someone tells me not to eat something, that is all I will want. It is all about portion control and also working hard to enjoy life a little.


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