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"I've been an athlete my whole life, but I love that at 42 years old, I am the strongest I have ever been. I have received several complements this past year and I proudly respond ‘Bodies by RISE’. Yes, I did the work, but they provided the ingredients: challenging classes, great instructors, variety, a motivating environment and a sense of community—all necessary in helping me get here. I could not have done it on my own." -Hope Rodine

I began my RISE journey in 2013 when the concept was in its early formative stages and classes were being offered at the Sunshine Dance studio. I distinctly remember setting the alarm for 5:45 AM and thinking it was pure insanity. It was only three minutes into my first Fusion class that I was hooked. Little did I know one class could offer so many benefits. It was challenging, energetic and above all else, there was a unique sense of camaraderie. All reasons I’ve continued to come back 4+ times per week, and sometimes even a 5:00 AM class. Clearly this speaks volumes about the quality of classes.

My newly adopted workout regimen impacted how my family views health and wellness. Early on my kids were ‘grossed out’ by my sweat and I would reassure them that it was the result of getting healthier and stronger. Now when they see me after a tough workout their comments are positive and they equate my physical exhaustion with a ‘great workout’. I love that they see and appreciate what being healthy looks like.

The class variety at RISE in my opinion is one of its best attributes. They all offer their own unique challenge and it’s the combination of so many unique workouts that have helped me achieve a body that makes me proud. I’ve never left a RISE class feeling as though it didn’t push or motivate me—and if there were days I felt I was off my game, it was purely the result of my own limitations. Yet, at RISE you can have off days and are always encouraged to listen to your body or the instructors are happy to provide modifications. And you aren’t a number. Over time, the instructors know your ability, limitations and offer encouragement to be the best you can even when you are tempted to duff it. As a result, after three years I am still sore on a weekly basis and it's a great feeling.


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