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When Amorie Wellen comes to RISE, she counts on walking in the door feeling one way and leaving feeling completely different, and it's always for the better. Because it's her therapy, dance party and workout, RISE has become one of Amorie's go-to happy places. "On top of that, RISE has completely changed the way I think about working out and the way I feel about myself."

In Amorie's youth, she never saw working out as a lifestyle. But today, with the help of RISE, working out is definitely part of Amorie's life every day. "I want something different for my children - I am committed to making sure they know and understand the importance of health and wellness and that they can choose what makes them happy while being active," she says.

When Amorie started at RISE, she was in the spin studio 6 days a week, afraid to do other classes because everyone was in such great shape. "Several instructors told me to put my big girl panties on and jump into the studio," she says. "And I did. Now I bounce back and forth between spin and studio classes, and my two favorite classes are Lifted and, of course, an hour spin class. Spin is what brought me to the dance and Katelyn is what keeps me going. Tap backs and gangster rap for life!"

As Amorie has made wellness part of her life journey, RISE has shown her that consistency and balance provides the win. "My end game is to continue to build my strength, hit 25 miles on a bike during an hour of spin and have so much fun doing it."

Even as a working mom with an aggressive travel schedule in the food industry, Amorie continues to strive toward achieving her goals. One way she has done this is by joining in on RISE Challenges. "After much convincing, Jen Ashmore and my husband encouraged me to start my workout regime and join a RISE Challenge. I have never looked back. The Challenges by far are one of my favorite parts of RISE and it brings out the competitive side of me while resetting the fun I may have during the summer or winter months. Well, maybe all year."

Through surrounding herself with the RISE community, Amorie sees the value in creating and sharing positive energy. "Surround yourself with positive people who can bring out the best in you and share that positive energy and love you have with other people," she says.

Congrats, Amorie, on being named the RISER of the Month. We can't wait keep sharing our positive vibes and a lot of tap backs with you!


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