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RISE-olution Challenge 2022

Are you ready for a CHANGE?

Whether you are a RISE-olution Challenge veteran or a first-time participant, get ready for CHANGE! “This year we’re changing up our annual New Year’s Challenge to bring all the positive CHANGE possible to all participants,” says Katelyn Kaese, RISE owner and instructor. “For those RISE-olution veterans, we are CHOOSING to CHANGE the CHALLENGE! You can’t spell CHAlleNGE without CHANGE, and we are choosing to grow differently in our wellness this time around.”

While many RISERs have become no-sugar, calorie-counting experts, we know Challengers are ready to step it up. In this year’s Challenge, participants will focus on eliminating nutrient-poor and highly processed foods from their kitchens and replacing them with better, sustainable choices moving forward.

New Challengers will also be guided step-by-step in the process, making it attainable for all who take on the Challenge. Each week will bring a different nutritional challenge, fitness challenge and weekly meeting to support and educate overall wellness. “We’ve turned to our community partners and local wellness leaders to provide new and engaging perspectives in your wellness journey, and we guarantee there is something for everyone – from new, enticing recipes to Challenge-only classes,” says Katelyn.

As always, the RISE-olution Challenge is not just about weight loss but rather a focus on wellness. “Our wellness framework offers education and encouragement to help you develop sustainable habits that work for life, no fads, no trends,” says Katelyn. “We will focus on nutrition, fitness, accountability and competition all with an energizing community of support.”

Want to hear how the Challenge has helped fellow Challengers? RISER and runner Lisa Naski says that ever since Katelyn convinced her to do her first RISE Challenge, she was in love with the structure, support and fun. She even found the Challenge to support her other fitness goals.

“When Katelyn approached me to join the Back-to-You Challenge during marathon training this fall, I quickly declined,” says Lisa. “In my mind, the two would not go well together and committing to the Challenge would take away from my running goals. With Katelyn's encouragement and thoughtful support regarding why it made sense to TRY both, I signed on. I approached it like any other Challenge (all in!) just knowing that I would have to sacrifice my RISE points often in order to get my miles in. As the weeks and miles went by, I figured out that the Challenge goals were complimenting my running goals in amazing ways! The work got done in both respects and I felt alive and ready for each day's challenge. RISE kept me accountable for healthy habits outside of running that only made me a better runner.”

When marathon weekend was over and Lisa still had two weeks left in the Challenge, she found that the Challenge kept her post-marathon spirits and enthusiasm for wellness high instead of the typical post-marathon slump. “The structure, commitment, discipline and time that I invested into the RISE Challenge while marathon training kept my life balanced and healthy in so many ways,” she says. “I will never doubt doing both at the same time again.”

Ready to go? Here’s the Challenge breakdown:

Dates: Sunday, January 9th - Saturday, March 5

Teams: Teams of 4 (We can match you with a team or if you have a partner, we can pair you up with another duo)

Challenge + 10 pack = $325 (early bird $303)

Challenge + Unlimited Zoom = $295 (early bird $273)

Challenge Only = $205 (early bird $183)

Spouse Add On = $69 (no early bird)

We can't wait to CHANGE with you this Challenge!


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