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RISE Back-to-You Challenge Fall 2021

Looking to kick-off the 2021 school year with some strength and positivity by your side? There’s no better way than the RISE Back-to-You Challenge!

Beginning September 11th and running through October 22nd, this Challenge will have you rolling into the holiday season in your finest form! No matter where you are in your wellness journey or geographically, the Challenge is open to anyone and can be done completely virtually. Grab a friend or relative to form your 2-person team, challenge yourself and make the changes for a happier you!

RISE regular Tillie Radebaugh is one RISER who can’t wait to get another Challenge victory under her belt. Tillie found RISE when she moved to Glen Ellyn in 2017, she hasn't looked back. From her first spin class until now, Tillie has challenged herself with everything RISE has to offer from barre and boxing to yoga and spin. "When I started at Rise my goal was to supplement running with spin classes, but once I discovered other weight involved classes, I realized getting stronger made my running even better than just running and spinning."

Loving the positivity of the RISE community as a whole and the results, Tillie has also integrated the RISE Challenge into her wellness year after year. “The Challenges are different from other wellness programs because they don't just focus on weight loss,” she says. “You can build other goals into it very easily (increase veggies, learn new recipes, try new classes, etc.).”

The greatest benefit Tillie has found in the Challenges is that you can drop a bad habit and pick up a new one or two that you carry forward. “Each Challenge is different, and you can push yourself as hard as you want,” she says.

Tillie is looking forward to the continuing to meet goals through RISE classes and the upcoming RISE Challenge, starting in September. “Just come and try one class,” she says. “It will change your world!”

Read on to hear what other recent Challengers have to say about their recent Challenge experiences and results.

"For one, I am happy," Monica Barton says. "I feel like I have goals and the tools I need to achieve them. Even though my goals are large I know with the support of RISE I can break them down and accomplish them in time. I feel more and more comfortable with who I am both inside and out. I have lost weight and have continued to do so in a healthy way with overall wellness becoming more of my focus."

"I benefited from the RISE Challenge by not only losing some weight, but also learning to manage my sugar intake better and to check labels more to view ingredients that I am putting into my body,” says Rhiannon Sieck. “I am continuing to keep sugar contents in mind when shopping and working out regularly. RISE has taught me more about nutrition than I thought was possible and has helped me manage my diet better. I now keep sugar content in mind and understand that natural ingredients and fewer ingredients are better. I would definitely refer someone to the Challenge and felt the team approach was helpful, positive and helped motivate me to accomplish my fitness and health goals."

"The results are probably the most obvious benefits of the Challenges," says Peter Clifford. "Weight loss, our overall feeling, and the new, healthy habits we formed over the course of the Challenges are also great. They don't all stick, but each year we pick up a couple more and it does make a difference for sure. Again, the support you get from the members and staff throughout the year, not just during the Challenges is a huge intangible, too."

Ready to take on the 2021 Back to You Challenge? Sign up through August 31st and receive an early-bird discount of 10%. Challenges available for purchase on Rise Mindbody app --> Online Store --> Services.

Pricing as follows:

$139 Challenge only

$259 Challenge with a 10 pack of classes

$69 Spouse add-on

$209 Challenge with Unlimited Zoom classes


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