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October 2020 Riser of the month

CONGRATS to our newest RISER OF THE MONTH and upcoming RISE COACH, Lauren Buell! We are so proud of of what you have accomplished so far and know you will continue to contribute even greater strengths to RISE!

Why Rise?

The second I walked through the doors to Rise, I felt at home. I have been to many gyms before, but Rise felt different. There is a special sense of community at Rise that was unlike anything I've experienced. The instructors pour their heart into every single class and that energy is contagious. It is motivating and keeps you wanting more. They really take everyone's schedules and levels of fitness into account and there is something for everyone! There is no room for negativity at Rise - everyone lifts each other up!

What motivates you?

I am motivated by the energy you get from the strong women (and men) who surround you in class and the feeling you have walking out of the studio. There is a phrase often heard at Rise: "You GET to do this!" -- that phrase gets me every time and pushes me to work harder. I realize every day that I DO get to this - it is my choice and I am thankful every day for my health.

What are your short and long-term goals?

For as long as I can remember, fitness has always been important to me. My short-term goal would be to get back to TRX! I tend to stick with the things I am comfortable with, and I need to get out of my comfort zone and try new things! My long-term goal is to continue to educate myself on fitness and wellness and incorporate it into my daily routine.

What specifically, other than format or schedule, do you like about Rise (Challenges, community, instructors, etc.)?

Rise keeps things interesting all year long - they have themed classes, community events, contests and a few challenges throughout the year. I've become a big fan of the Rise Challenge, which not only challenges you mentally, but helps you develop healthy habits to last longer than the challenge itself. At Rise, you are pushed to be the best version of yourself in the most supportive and inspiring way.

What Rise class gets you feeling the most mentally and physically amped?

I love ALL the classes at Rise but the class that gets me feeling the most mentally and physically amped would be Bag to Boot. There is something about putting gloves on and hitting the bag that leaves me feeling energized (and physically exhausted) the rest of the day!

How are you staying engaged and focused on wellness and fitness despite today’s challenges?

It's a very challenging time but what I do know is when I take an hour to myself to focus on fitness, I will be a better mom, wife and friend! It's so important to me to fit that in on a daily basis - even when my day is jam packed with things to do. Rise did such a great job (in a very challenging time) to keep us motivated by doing Zoom classes. When people couldn't leave their houses, we still had Rise to keep us going. It is what has gotten me through quarantine, and I am so thankful for all the work they have put into making this system work for us. We have no excuses to lose our fitness routine!

What’s your athletic background?

I have always been an active person. My parents always pushed us to try new things and keep ourselves busy. In High School, I did gymnastics, soccer, track, cheerleading and dance. What has always stuck with me, is the desire to run! Crossing the finish line to any race - or even the imaginary finish line at the end of a long run on the weekend, is the best feeling!

What’s your best healthy tip?

Walk everywhere you can, smile often (it burns calories -- at least that's what Katelyn says! :) ) Spend one hour a day on yourself - even when you don't want to -- it's ALWAYS worth it!

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