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November 2022 Riser of the Month

Like many RISERs, it didn’t take long for Megan (Meg) Bohdan to make RISE a regular part of her daily exercise routine. In fact, it took longer for Meg, an avid runner and cyclist, to say ‘yes’ to group exercise than it did for her to become an enthusiast. “In the fall of 2021 one of my dearest friends convinced me to join the Challenge with her,” she says. “The rest was history. I was hooked”

Today Meg, a busy mom of two and interior designer, draws on the energy and the accountability provided by RISE. She keeps coming for those aspects of the RISE community as well as the amazing crew she has met at the crack of dawn.

Meg, whether it’s killing it during a Challenge or sharing a spark of energy with all of us in class, we’re so glad you RISE with us! Congrats on being our November 2022 RISER of the Month.

For more on Meg’s fitness routine and future goals, read on!

What motivates you?

Good health, energy and the endorphins that I feel at the end of a workout.

What are your short- and long-term workout goals?

Short-term, I want to keep the accountability going. My long-term goal is building a better inner-self both mentally and physically.

What specifically, other than format or schedule, do you like about RISE?

The community. Whether it’s walking in the RISE doors or when I am out running and see fellow RISERs honking and cheering me on, RISE has a strong community presence.

What RISE class gets you feeling the most mentally and physically amped?

Three-way tie for circuits, cycle and bootcamp.

What’s your biggest challenge in getting to class, and how do you combat that challenge?

Those early winter mornings or dark and gloomy days can make rolling out of bed hard. But, the push comes when I know how good I am going to feel when I am walking out those doors after class.

What’s your athletic background?

Growing up on the East Coast, I was a track and field runner as well as a competitive downhill skier. Since moving to the Midwest skiing took a back seat, but the running continues.

What’s your best healthy living tip?

Veggies - I love vegetables.


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