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News from Rise: Growth and Change

Dear RISE Community,

I say this in class all too often, "the only constant in life is change." Change is constant and it IS a good thing. Whether it's the effort we make together to change our bodies and minds, or the changes life brings to us, it is a guarantee. What is up to us is how we react, how we pivot and how we make the most of the change.

We all felt this intensely with the changes presented by the pandemic. In figuring out how to RISE outside our walls during quarantine, I had the great opportunity to confirm what I always knew - that RISE is so much more than a physical place. It's a community. It's the instructors. It's the clients. It's the energy we share with each other. I can see now how that change made us stronger.

Now RISE is going through another change. We have loved our home at 499C N Pennsylvania Avenue in Glen Ellyn for almost 10 years and are thankful that it has allowed us to grow and expand our membership to the level we have today.

Recently, the property owners have decided to take their building in a different direction, which forced us to reflect and really think about how we will continue our growth. As we have been evaluating and narrowing our Glen Ellyn relocation opportunities, we were presented with an amazing opportunity to grow our brand to our neighboring community. We are pleased to inform you that we have finalized a lease for an additional studio space in the heart of downtown Wheaton, located at 124 N. Main Street.

We are extremely excited about this additional location and the opportunity to expand our RISE family later this spring into our neighboring town. We are also 100% committed to finding a new home in Glen Ellyn. As we finalize our plans in Glen Ellyn, we will keep you updated on our progress and want to thank you in advance for your patience as we navigate these changes together.

Our spring and summer offerings will be robust and allow all clients to attend any e an outdoor bootcamp, RISE Cycle (still located at 505 N. Pennsylvania) or a class in our new Wheaton location. Wherever we are, we will bring our positive energy, challenging workouts and incredible team of instructors. Our most sincere hope is to have our amazing clients with us as welMy gratitude for what we create together and your support can't be put into words. No matter the changes coming our way, we are RISE. Let's make this change our chance to show our strength and continue to RISE together each day.

With Love,

Katelyn Kaese

RISE Owner


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