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Moving On Together

We are feeling ALL the emotions as we prepare to say goodbye to 499C Pennsylvania on Saturday, May 28th. Check the RISE schedule to book your final class in the space that has seen so much strength, endorphins, sweat, growth, change and RISING TOGETHER THROUGH IT ALL!

The floors are done, the mirrors are up, the stereo is pumped, the virtual experience is enhanced and the final touches on our new location in Wheaton are nearly complete. We can't wait to show you the newest RISE location beginning on Saturday, June 4th! The opening day schedule is LIVE and we hope you'll join us for a FREE first class in Wheaton!

LAST, BUT CERTAINLY NOT LEAST, we have put together a simple, flexible summer Challenge to help you stay healthy and accountable but still have fun! This 5-week Challenge begins June 18th. Stay tuned for details!


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