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A high-energy team of instructors coach the wide variety of classes each day starting at 5am. Team RISE is led by owner Katelyn Kaese, who was raised in Glen Ellyn and returned to town 6 years ago to raise her own family here. Katelyn has cultivated a team of women who bring their individual passions of fitness to their unique classes where you will certainly feel their authentic love for what they do, no matter which class you attend. Team Rise includes women in their 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s, some having taught fitness for decades and others who are clients-turned instructors who began their coaching careers at Rise. What they all have in common is their desire to teach clients that there is a way for everyone to RISE in their fitness.

This summer, in addition to spending time in the new Rise Wheaton Studio, the Rise coaches are taking advantage of the warm weather, getting out for bike rides on the prairie path and long walks. (Interested in a combo of the two – try one of our outdoor classes on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday mornings!)

While Team Rise is committed to their own fitness and yours year-round, they also know how to enjoy a summertime indulgence. Here’s how they might be applying the 80/20 rule this summer.

Rise asked: What’s your favorite summertime indulgence?

Rachel Beard: Cocktails by the pool

Allison Billingsley: When I go back to the Jersey Shore, I buy several pints of Rita’s water ice. Black cherry and mint chocolate chip are my favorite!

Danielle Bollman: Frozen dark chocolate bananas

Lauren Buell: A glass of Rose and ice cream (not together but I'm sure that has happened!)

Katelyn Kaese: Cold white wine by a pool

Carin Fanter: Chocolate peanut butter ice cream

Cara Kinna: A tasty margarita with chips, salsa and guacamole

Katie LaDow: Sitting on a chair at the pool while my kids swim (my first summer able to do this!)

Trish McKean: Dairy Queen mint chocolate oreo blizzards

P.D. Menzel: A fruit pie with ice cream

Sue Schaffler: Margaritas!


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