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Meet our riser of the month: may 2021

When Maggie Gleason's sister (the one and only Katelyn Kaese, owner of RISE) recommended she try it out many years ago, Maggie was immediately connected to RISE. "Since then, we've both become lifetime RISERs," says Maggie. "There is a positive energy not just with the RISE staff, but also with those working out in the classes. Judgement is hard to face in any situation, but when you're trying to become physically fit, it can be extremely detrimental. I have never once seen or felt judgement from the RISE community, and that's an amazing and important thing."

With a sister who started as a barre instructor with RISE and is now the owner, Maggie can't help but have a constant coach on her side. "Not to sound repetitive, but my sister motivates me the most," she says. "She's my cheerleader and drill sergeant (I need both)."

Outside of the family connection, Maggie finds that RISE serves up the challenging and changing exercise classes she needs to stay engaged, helping her to achieve her short-term fitness goals. "Long-term, I'd like to stay committed to attending RISE classes as I'm told aging doesn't do the body any favors," she says. "Deep down I would also love to eat unlimited amounts of cereal from a large mixing bowl without any adverse weight effects. I know RISE would love to help me with both, but the former is the most important!"

Congrats, Maggie, on staying dedicated to your fitness goals. We LOVE your positive energy! Read on to learn what else keeps Maggie coming back for more each week at RISE.

What Rise class gets you feeling the most mentally and physically amped?

I'm biased towards my sister's classes, so Cardio/Strength Boxing, Above the Barre, Rise Barre Express (Instagram Live @riseglenellyn). I would (and do) also take every instructor's class and love them all. This past year has been tough for everyone, and RISE has given me a gift with their amazingly seamless transition to a virtual exercise class experience. RISE Zoom classes are my jam right now!

What’s your biggest challenge in getting to class?

It can be hard to stick to a schedule, and RISE's Zoom classes have been my saving grace as I began working remotely due to the pandemic. Now that RISE allows socially-distanced and safe in-person workout classes again, my biggest struggle will be how I always seem on time, but clocks never agree.

What’s your athletic background?

I grew up riding and competing in horseback riding (so did Katelyn!), and I played on a soccer team in grade school through high school. While in college I continued to horseback ride and take yoga and exercise classes sporadically. When I moved back to Illinois, my sister thankfully helped me RISE to the top by encouraging me to join their amazing exercise community. What’s your best healthy living tip?

Find a fitness community you love, like I do with RISE, and stick with them. You’ll get stronger together! Also, get a pet. Scientific studies found pet owners have enhanced fitness levels, lower stress levels, improved mental health. and significantly less risk for cardiovascular disease.


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