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Meet our march riser of the month

Hey RISERs! It's time again to congratulate one of our fellow RISERs, Kelley Weiss, as our March RISER of the Month. Intrigued by the variety of workouts and convenient early morning classes, Kelley decided to give RISE a try two and a half years ago when she moved to Glen Ellyn. Today, she continues to come to RISE, no longer just for workouts, but for so much more that it has brought to her daily life. "I love that the workouts continue to challenge me each week, but more importantly I love how they extend into my day with the decisions I make, the way I treat others, and myself," she says.

If you have seen Kelley's commitment to each RISE workout, you wouldn't be surprised to hear her motivational mantra for life and health, "Hard choices, easy life. Easy choices, hard life."

Kelley knows that showing up each day to work hard and make healthy decisions is not easy, nor does it ever get easier, but she believes the benefits you get from living a healthy lifestyle begin to show up quickly and most certainly make for a life filled with good vibes and energy.

For Kelley, an added wellness challenge and way to continue to motivate herself and others around her is taking part in the RISE Challenges. "Almost like a good experiment, the benefits of making healthy choices become so obvious that you can’t deny the process," she says.

Read on to hear more of what Kelley shared with RISE about how she achieves her wellness goals and stays positive in challenging times.

What are your short and long-term workout goals?

I love to mix it up and do a variety of workouts throughout the week. Stretching and yoga are both something I’m hoping to incorporate more in my weekly routine. I would love to train and run a race again when Covid is over.

What specifically, other than format or schedule, do you like about RISE?

I love the words that the instructors speak during each class. What makes RISE so special is that it is not only a training for your body, but a chance to develop a positive mindset. A few of my favorites are, "Yes, you can", "Not every day is good, but there is good in every day", and "You’re not being selfish showing up for yourself”. I love that the classes always remind us that it is a privilege to be able to move our bodies and one we should never take for granted.

What RISE class gets you feeling the most mentally and physically amped?

I love an evening barre class or an early morning spin before the sun comes up. There is something very special about working out in the dark and connecting to the music and yourself.

How are you staying engaged and focused on wellness and fitness despite today’s challenges?

Excuses are easy, especially during these challenging times. It feels like almost everything has been cancelled this past year, except RISE and my workouts. RISE has shown up for me every day and they have never given me the chance to make an excuse for not continuing a healthy lifestyle. Whether it has been zooming with my family in our basement or doing barre in my kitchen while simultaneously helping my first grader remote learn, RISE has gone above and beyond for its community, and I’m grateful that I’ve continued to have the mental and physical strength to endure this hard time.

What’s your athletic background?

I played soccer and ran track growing up. I love running and have done a few half marathons and sprint-triathlons.

What’s your best healthy living tip?

My best tip is to push through. When you hear the instructor begin to countdown, push through and don’t quit. I once heard that self-confidence comes from keeping the promises we make to ourselves. There is no better way to feel fulfilled in your health than to keep the promises you make. Whether it is getting up for the early morning class or finishing the last 8 seconds of an exercise, being honest with and not disappointing yourself will help you become the best version of yourself that you can.


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