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MARY ELLEN & ERIC RAHN - RISE back to you 2020 challenge winners

Mary Ellen - This wasn’t your first Rise Challenge. How was this one different for you?

I loved the two other Rise Challenges that led me to the Back to You Challenge in 2020. Eric, my husband, was pleased to see the progress and the dedication and the challenge behind Rise. So, this time, he was ready to join me and it really made a huge difference to be focused on our health together. We both care about health individually, but with this Challenge we could invest in ourselves together.

Eric - Perfect points is an incredible feat! How’d you succeed on the days where you just weren’t feeling it?

Daily 9s and 10s was the agreement Mary Ellen and I made when signing up for the Rise Challenge. Once I had a couple perfect weeks going I wasn’t about to let a point slide here or there.

What was the BEST new thing you tried during the Challenge?

HIM: Going to Rise! As a first timer heading into the Challenge, all the classes were fresh to me. Bag to Boot was my favorite new workout.

HER: I finally got Eric to try green smoothies—thank you Rise!! I tried the Joy Bar Cleanse again and was reminded that giving my body resets like these is always possible. As far as a class, I loved PD’s Yoga detox class with the much-needed stretches. Carin’s Bootcamp is always challenging but the amazing weather and the positive feelings throughout the day kept me going back. And for a new habit, I started drinking Kombucha in the evenings after dinner as a treat.

2020 has provided a lot of togetherness. What would you tell other couples considering a Rise Challenge?

HIM: Make it through a Challenge together and you can make it through anything. Mary Ellen and I are super competitive between each other so it's a nice change to pair up and compete against others and to see how in shape of a couple we can become!

HER: I think committing to health together is an awesome opportunity for couples. It really is the best gift to give your partner and I have tried other health binges or diets and they don’t work! The Rise Challenges do because they cover all the bases- accountability, community, mind, body, health!

Challenge habit you’ve kept up:

HIM: Pushing myself to eat a more plant based diet. I immediately feel like crap when eating crap.

HER: We still buy so much spinach and kale!! I love my Vitamix and the healthy smoothies that refuel my body after a workout and fuel my mind for the day ahead. I also treat myself to Joy Bar juices and salads when I need to kick-start my veggie consumption!

Favorite At-Home Challenge recipe:

HIM: Green smoothies.

HER: We love Carin’s Sausage sheet pan recipe as an easy weeknight recipe. Andylu sausage, sweet potato, peppers, mushroom, broccoli, onion with rice or whatever we have on hand. Also the energy balls with dates are a necessity to curb a sugar craving. The Rise team provides incredible healthy but delicious options and everyone is so helpful with tips and strategies!

BOTH: The silver-lining of 2020 is that we are both working remotely and can help make dinner together. We both know what healthy choices the other one likes and can be sure we get enough veggies in!

Future fitness/health/wellness goals:

HIM: Not falling back into old/ bad habits. Challenge was a much-needed fitness restart for my body and I need to keep it going!

HER: I love the focus that Rise has given me to prioritize my workouts and healthy choices. I do not feel the same if I don’t make the time - I feel more anxious and worried and I need to burn the energy that we all have stored up in 2020. I do hope to make more time for meditation and mindful strategies - and I can’t wait to set up a punching bag in our basement this winter.

Lasting Challenge tips for success:

HIM: Life is better when you challenge yourself. It doesn’t take a lot of time to see immediate changes if you focus and make every day count.

HER: Rise has truly given me confidence and community to take on anything. Before these Challenges I didn’t know how much a healthy focus better prepares you for what is in store with work, life and family. Rise has made a huge difference in my life and now Eric’s too.


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