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March 2022 RISER of the Month

After moving to Glen Ellyn in 2018, Tillie Radebaugh found herself missing her old bike commute to work. So, she decided to give a RISE spin class a try. “One class and I was hooked,” she says.

Today, Tillie has integrated the RISE routine, from classes to the Challenge to healthy living and cooking, into her everyday life. “I like a routine and getting out of the house to go to spin with my husband,” she says. “I like seeing results as a runner too from spinning and Barre.”

Tillie stays motivated to keep coming back day-in and day-out knowing how good she feels at the end of a class. “I also like seeing familiar faces in the studio,” she says.

Tillie, we love seeing your face in class (and your recipe posts too)! Congratulations on being named the March 2022 RISER of the Month.

Read on to hear more about why Tillie chooses to RISE every day.

What are your short and long-term fitness goals?

My short-term workout goal is to keep a strong base over the winter for running when the weather warms up in the spring. My long-term fitness goal is to keep moving and keep my knees as long as I can (thanks to Barre with Katelyn)!

What specifically do you like about RISE?

I like that the instructors keep me motivated and are always providing new modifications or ways to increase intensity on the moves. Every class is different!

What class gets you the most amped?

I like every class, but Monday night Barre is my favorite way to start the week. After three years, I have long, lean muscles that I never dreamed of having!

What is your greatest challenge in getting to RISE?

The biggest challenge are cold, dark winter nights.

What is your athletic background?

I was an active kid, I played badminton in high school, swam for fun with a friend in college, and after graduating college, my husband and I started running together.

What is your best healthy living top?

Drink water on your commute to work!

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