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March 2020 Riser of the Month

Thank you Rachel Ties for bringing your joyful gratitude of movement to RISE!

Why Rise?

RISE, “you had me at hello.” Katelyn’s barre class was my first studio experience. I vividly recall early in class she instructed us to find a high plank position and then asked us to "set an intention ... why are you here?” I was 7+ months post-surgery from a repaired ruptured achilles tendon at the time and my reason came to mind immediately: because I can! I was so thankful my body could move. For several months I could not and I had an entirely new level of gratitude for health. Questions and prompts that engage the mind-body connection are common elements of every class at RISE and, in my opinion, are a big part of what sets this group fitness experience apart. In addition, I appreciate the variety of classes, the exceptional quality and convenient location. It is not uncommon for an instructor at RISE to know the name of every person in the room. The impact of customers being known and cared for as individuals transforms RISE into a community of teammates and friends.

What motivates you (in life or during workouts)?

Applause and approval unconsciously motivate me. Although, I have found achievement and connection to be much more deeply satisfying motivators for me. I love chasing and reaching a goal I personally set for myself. And people, relationships and conversation are life-giving to me. Placed in a room full of people or across the table from just one person, my energy peaks. My family are my dearest relationships and pursuing the best version of myself is my daily goal.

What are your short- and long-term workout goals?

A short-term goal I recently celebrated was playing in my college alumni basketball game this month. Long term it's a lifelong commitment to exercise.

What specifically, other than format or schedule, do you like about RISE?

I’ve heard it said at RISE: "We rise by lifting others”. A rephrase for me would be, "I rise when in a room full of RISERS!" I feel better walking out than walking in, 100% of the time. I’m encouraged and strengthened by this community and am so grateful for it!

What Rise class gets you feeling the most mentally and physically amped?

I couldn’t possibly pick just one ... a perfect week at RISE for me would include barre, cycle, bootcamp, HiiT, yoga and met-con.

What’s your biggest challenge in getting to class?

I’m a mom of four kids (ages 6, 9, 9 & 11). Creating time for class takes intention.

What’s your athletic background?

My love for movement began in childhood. I grew up in Minnesota and my family did a lot of outdoor recreational activities: downhill skiing, water skiing, rollerblading and biking. By adolescence, my love for team sports grew and I dedicated lots of my time to soccer and basketball. I went on to play basketball at Wheaton College. In the past few years, in recognition of my basketball career, I’ve had the great honor of being inducted into the hall of fame at both my high school and college.

What’s your best healthy living tip?

Do more of what you love. Also, I order food online through Daily Harvest. It allows me to have healthy meal/snack/smoothie options stocked in the freezer ready to mix up any time I’m in a hurry or didn’t plan ahead.


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