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June 2022 Riser of the Month: Katelyn Kaese

She may be the RISE owner and ever-present leader, but each and every day, especially over the past few years, Katelyn Kaese has proved herself to be the epitome of a Riser. Whether it was surviving the pandemic as a small-business owner and mom to two young children or finding a new home for Rise, Katelyn decided to RISE every morning, making the best of her day and continuing to help clients along the way.

Katelyn’s path to positivity isn’t new. A group fitness junkie since college, Katelyn has immersed herself in wellness. After years of teaching barre, cycle and more, Katelyn had the opportunity to purchase Rise. "I love Rise because it has the most supportive, collaborative and driven community," she says. "There is a special magic with our team and our classes that lifts everyone up."

As Rise expands into the Wheaton community, Katelyn can’t wait to continue to share her wellness love with current clients and with the new clients in the Wheaton community. “I don't have to do this, I GET to do this,” she says.

To learn more about what RISE has to offer in Glen Ellyn and Wheaton, visit: And to hear more from Katelyn on how she integrates wellness into her own life each day, read on!

How do you integrate nutrition into your life each day?

I pay attention to what makes me feel energized, I am relatively plant-based in my day-to-day choices, but not afraid to indulge! Life is short, enjoy it!

What’s your best tip to find balance in nutrition, fitness and life’s fun?

Have a set workout schedule for the week, don't keep your trigger snacks in your house, find time to laugh AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE!

How do you hope to impact the lives of RISE clients and the greater community?

To make RISE a place for anyone and everyone to come and build confidence in themselves. We strive to make our community better by lifting our neighbors up and creating opportunities for giving back to Glen Ellyn and Wheaton.


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