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When Meghan Menconi's best friend brought her to her first RISE patio barre class in August 2020, she was immediately hooked on RISE's in-person classes. "The instructors are what keep me coming back," says Meghan. "They call me out when they know I can do more and they are always motivating me to do my best and be my best." There's no doubt that since becoming a RISER, Meghan has found her love of working out. "When I was going to other gyms or doing other programs I was just going through the motions and would always quit when it got hard," she says. "RISE has taught me to truly enjoy what my body can do." Having already completed two RISE Challenges, Meghan's daily goal is to move her body in some capacity everyday, finding that when she starts her days at RISE life's curveballs are easier to handle with a level head. "I also try to incorporate everything I have learned from the Challenges to my everyday life," she says. Meghan looks forward to continuing to meet her wellness goals with RISE. "Besides the body changes the mental change has been by far the best," she says. "I am so glad I found a place that makes my days better."


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