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When a friend of Amy Smid's told her to try a free RISE class years ago, she ventured into Carin Fanter's kettlebell and found that for her RISE was the whole package. "It is the only time I carve out for myself in my day, so it has to count. And it does," says Amy. "Aside from the obvious fitness benefits and the fact you can take SO many different types of classes, the instructors are what really stand out at RISE. They bring their ‘A’ game every day with an energy and positivity that is unmatched by any other place I have been. It truly is amazing!"

While Amy has always had a commitment to herself to be fit, she acknowledges that it is hard work to keep that commitment day after day. But with the family of cheerleaders at RISE pushing her to be the best version of herself, she's motivated to come back again and again. "I simply can not get that power packed combo anywhere else," says Amy. "I have rheumatoid arthritis and my goal is to be as strong as I can and to make nutrition count. RISE helps me be able to be strong and continue to work out. They always provide me with modifications when needed so I can continue to focus on my own personal journey. I also have learned so much from the RISE Challenges."

With daily dedication to fitness and nutrition and the push of RISE Challenges, Amy has seen an increase in stamina and strength and has maintained it all through RISE. "The past couple of years is the most I have been able to work out and probably the strongest I have been since being diagnosed with RA 17 years ago," says Amy.


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