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December RISER of the Month

For Lindsey Griffin, who doesn’t like to be alone, really ever as she describes it, group exercise is a natural fit. Add in the fact that she is most motivated when around positive people, Lindsey found the perfect fitness community when she found RISE. “I’ve leaned on RISE since they opened the doors and so grateful to have it right here in town,” she says.

As a realtor and a mom, Lindsey is constantly thinking about her clients’ and kids’ needs, schedules and situations. “What RISE does is give my mind a healthy break from worrying about others,” she says.

It also helps her get closer to her goal of getting stronger every day for herself and her family. She does this by checking in with the variety of classes and instructors offered at RISE. “I really love them all and enjoy the variety,” Lindsey says. “Each instructor inspires me in their own way.”

Congrats on being named RISER of the Month, Lindsey! We look forward to continuing to have our days brightened by having you in class.

Read on to hear more about Lindsey's background and wellness journey.

What’s your biggest challenge in getting to class?

I’ve been doing Zoom classes at 6:10am. It’s tough to have a good excuse not to go when the commute is down my hallway! I’m not a natural early riser, but I always feel lucky to work out before the rest of my day starts. I do want to get back into the studio though too because I love the inspirational vibe within those walls.

What’s your athletic background?

I grew up playing golf, soccer, and tennis. I’m not great at any of them but I’ve always enjoyed playing and since I didn’t take it too seriously competition-wise, I had fun along the way.

What’s your best healthy living tip?

Enjoy the unhealthy in moderation because you only live once.


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