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When Rachelle Kienlen, a longtime RISE client and Challenge participant and past RISE barre instructor, decided to take part in the January 2021 RISE Challenge, she knew if she got her two sisters and mom to team up, they would not only support each other through it and meet individual goals but become healthier as a family. "My sister talked us Bargi girls into the Challenge, gratefully," says Regina ODonnell. "I needed a change. I needed a reality check. I needed to get that initial weigh-in and measurements to realize that I have some work to put in for my own health. I owned it and stuck with the Challenge and my goals. I have lost 14 pounds so far, decreased my BMI, increased my water levels and bone density. I feel healthier overall. It’s a good feeling that I don’t want to lose so I’m keeping it up as my new lifestyle.

Together, the women nailed the Challenge and, most importantly, found time to put themselves and their wellness first. Here's what they had to say about joining the RISE community and their recent Challenge experience. "I enjoyed the Zoom class experience and found the instructors to be very skilled and enthusiastic," says Rhiannon Sieck, a first-time Challenger and unlimited RISE Zoom client. "I benefited from the RISE Challenge by not only losing some weight, but also learning to manage my sugar intake better and to check labels more to view ingredients that I am putting into my body. I am continuing to keep sugar contents in mind when shopping and working out regularly. RISE has taught me more about nutrition than I thought was possible and has helped me manage my diet better. I now keep sugar content in mind and understand that natural ingredients and fewer ingredients are better. I would definitely refer someone to the Challenge and felt the team approach was helpful, positive and helped motivate me to accomplish my fitness and health goals." "Although I have never attended an in-person class since I live in Barrington, I joined the challenge with the Zoom classes and thought RISE offered a nice variety of classes and times. Zoom also offered the benefit of the recorded classes if I couldn’t make the LIVE zoom session," says Regina O'Donnell. "The team at Rise really cared about the Challenge group, offering many different support outlets. Just to name a few, there was a Facebook page, a nutritionist, a recipe book and even team members at RISE would reach out to our team directly to check in during the Challenge, all to help us reach our goals and be successful. My goals included losing weight, dropping BMI, strengthening and feeling better overall. RISE’s Challenge helped me be accountable. I tracked what I ate and my daily water intake, cut back on alcohol, made sure I hit my daily servings of veggies and daily activity log. It all helped me get on track and I still use a lot of it today, without being as strict. It’s a lifestyle change. It’s not easy but RISE gives you all the tools and support you need to get through it successfully. I am so grateful that my sister talked me into it and am proud of myself and my family for conquering the Challenge!" "Rise is a community," says Rachelle. "The positive motivating vibe from RISE instructors, its nutritionist, staff and fellow members is one you don’t see at big gyms or other studios. It’s my happy place! Doing this Challenge with my sisters and mom and making lifestyle changes together that will impact our health long term made it all the more beneficial. The Challenge makes me more accountable to what I put in my body for fuel. I love working out - that’s easy for me. The sugar is my Challenge! I have done many challenges and always learn something more about myself and health each time. Join’s fun, challenging, rewarding and life changing. No one is perfect but the little changes and choices add up each time to better health."


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